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My Seducer: The Second Ezslash Anthology, an Ezslash anthology, is now available through Lionheart Distribution.

My Seducer: The Second Ezslash Anthology
contains 16 stories, all new and exclusive to the zine, as well as one poem. Color cover illustration by Annie. Nine interior color photo montages by Patt. Zine is spiral bound, 232 pages, double columns, with a word count of 152,230.

Luminescence does not rate the stories in its zines, nor are there warnings provided within. If you have any questions or concerns about a zine's content, please address them to Lumina~ .


Ezra/Nathan ~

When the Dealin's Done by Chaz (ATF)

Nathan's head whipped around at the sharp retort of a gun, his daydream about a certain undercover agent shattered. The maze of alleyways that Ezra's Jaguar sat in made the placement difficult, as the noise bounced round and round off their crumbling brick walls. He strained his hearing, trying to place the direction the sound had come from, pleading with every deity Josiah had ever mentioned that it hadn't come from the one place his instincts were screaming at him that it had.

The Gift Horse by Graculus (OW)

"When Ezra speaks, whose voice is it you hear, Nathan?"

Nathan was frozen by the question, trapped by it like he was caught in a bear trap, watching the advancing hunters as he roared his defiance at them.

"Who is it you hear?"

Ezra/JD ~

Moments Without Hesitation by Olivia (ATF)

"I know you can handle this." Ezra's voice lowered and his green eyes turned somber as he stared at JD. "I just. I hate that you have to handle it. I hate that you're going to be in danger. I hate that I won't be able to touch you or hold you or help you through this." Ezra shuddered. "And most of all, I hate the thought that I can lose you."

Ezra/Buck ~

A Wonderful Christmas by VampyrAlex (ATF)

"I want you to behave as I drive," the man told him. "If you're having any bright ideas about overpowering me while I have my back turned, I should warn you I have one of your teammates already, a Mr. Wilmington. If you try anything, no one will ever be able to find him alive. Do you understand?"

As You Are Mine by Chaz (OW)

Aware as he was of what today represented for both men, he had kept a close eye on the ladies' man all day. Everyone knew how Chris responded to this particular grief. Ezra wasn't so sure anyone, except Buck, knew how the kindhearted man dealt with his pain.. Ezra was determined to change that.

Wandering Spirits by Jade (OW)

The ladies' man frowned, trying to remember if he had heard the name Standish before. "Who's this Standish fella, Inez?"

"Senor Standish was only in town for a few days. He went for a ride the day before you arrived, but he never came back. No one knows what happened to him."

From Dreams to Reality by Jo Ann (ATF)

'We made love.' He repeated Ezra's words in his head. If only that were true, Buck thought to himself. He felt a warmth invade his body at the idea. Closing his eyes, Buck felt a memory tease his brain. It was right there. He saw a flash of bodies tangled together and-

Racing Team 7: Celebrations by Wyndewalker (RT7 AU)

With a roar of rage and pain, he hurled the glass and its contents so it shattered against the far wall.. Without thought, he grabbed an Ezra-scented pillow and buried his face against it. 'Did he really betray you?' the voice whispered, as he drifted to sleep. 'Did he betray you, or do you just want to believe he did?'

Ezra/Vin ~

Moonlight and Trust by Jo Ann (ATF)

Vin wanted to know everything about Ezra. Wanted to know about his hopes and dreams. His fears. Everything. But especially about Ezra's past, because Vin knew that the past was something Ezra shared with no one. Vin didn't want to be a no one.

Haunting Lovers by Turtle (ATF)

There was that damn voice again. "Hello, who's there? Show yerself."

// My name is Ezra P. Standish. I'd show myself if I could. The best I can offer is this. //

I felt cool air on my head and hair. "Who are you?"

// I've already told you who I am, or rather who I was. //

"Ezra Standish died a hundred years ago."

Ezra/Josiah ~

Hope Envisioned by Gwendolen (OW)

Again and again, my gaze moves back to him. He's smiling, his eyes flashing, and that wicked grin reminds me of a naughty little boy. And I again pray for strength. How much longer can I be patient, when all I want is to love him?

Memories of Rain by Wyndewalker (ATF)

Ezra ghosted his fingers over his lips, as if he could still feel the pressure of that sweet kiss. He smiled at the memory of that night. They didn't often have time together like that. A crack of thunder, followed closely by a bolt of lightning lighting up the night sky, brought another memory. The night he had finally admitted his desire, his love, to Josiah.

Ezra/Chris ~

Come What May by Ankh (ATF AR)

He wanted to forget Sarah and what was most likely the end of his marriage. Chris wanted something else. He wanted to feel the heat of a man's body rubbing against him. He hadn't been with a man in years, and he missed it. He wanted it, wanted someone.

The Snake You Know by Chris J. Ueberall (OW)

"Damnit, Ezra." He was furious, oh, so furious. Knowing the gambler was dying, feeling helpless, feeling guilty for not stopping him, for not telling him... What? The thought eluded him. But the pain was there, and the fury.

End of Innocence by Ankh (ATF)

Damn, Benjamin had hurt Ezra. No one hurt Ezra.

"You're in love with him." Benny's voice was awed and shocked at the same time.

"I don't see how you couldn't have been," Chris said coldly.

Of Lakes and Rivers by Zeke Black (OW)

"Home." Chris spoke the word with that deep feeling he'd always given it, ripe with the idea of home as Chris's special touchstone, that far-off horizon he'd been struggling to reach since it'd first been taken away from him. He raised his eyes to meet Vin's and spoke in a low but even voice, "There're all kinds of family, Vin."


Fortune Fools by Ankh, a new Ezra/Vin ATF AU slash novella published by Luminescence, is now available for ordering through Lionheart Distribution.

95 pages.  Color cover illustration by Annie.  Interior Artwork by Patt:
Three color and one B&W photo montages.  All artwork is new and exclusive to this zine.

Fortune Fools by Ankh ~

A lover from the past reenters Ezra's life, just as a compromising video surfaces. Both have far-reaching consequences for Ezra and his place among the Seven, as well as bringing about an unexpected change in his relationship with Vin Tanner.



2001 Huggy Awards Nominee for Best Zine Anthology ~ Other Mixed Media



My Seducer, an Ezslash anthology, is now available through Lionheart Distribution.

278 pages. Cover art--B&W illustration by Annie. Interior art--Six color
photo montages by St. Barb, three original and exclusive to My Seducer.

'Til It's Gone by Kay--Ezra/Chris, Ezra/OMC (OW)
Just as Ezra embarks in a relationship with a new man in town, Chris
realizes what his heart has always known. But is it too late?

Choices by Olivia--Ezra/Vin (ATF AU)
The fallout from a fatal shooting is destroying Ezra Standish. Can Vin help
him cope with the guilt that is killing him?

by De Orakle--Ezra/Nathan (OW)
The town's healer has a fever in his blood. Is Ezra Standish the cause or
the cure?

My Salvation by JT--Ezra/Vin, Ezra/Josiah Implied (OW)
Following Serpents, Ezra Standish is suffering both emotionally and
physically. Can Vin and the others help Ezra before he completely loses

Nothing by Jo Ann--Ezra/Chris (ATF AU)
An intimate encounter between Ezra and Chris threatens the Team and forces
Chris to some hard truths about himself and what he wants for his future.

Fine Line by Wyndewalker--Ezra/Nathan, Ezra/Vin Implied (OW)
The fine line between love and hate is blurred by Nathan's actions, and Ezra
Standish pays the price for his lack of sight.

Tell Me by De Orakle--Ezra/Josiah (OW)
Interwoven around the action of Obsession and Serpents, a change occurs in
the nature of Ezra's and Josiah's relationship.

Bed of Lies by JT--Ezra/Buck (ATF AU)
A brutal mugging brings Buck's past to life again and affects his future
with Ezra Standish.

by TimberWolf--Ezra/JD (OW)
What do Ezra and JD find to occupy themselves on a lazy summer afternoon?

Needing the Words by Wyndewalker--Ezra/Chris, Ezra/Chris/Vin Implied (ATF
Ezra feels unwanted by Chris in his three-way relationship with that man and
Vin. Will Chris learn before he loses Ezra that, sometimes, actions don't speak louder than words?

In the Absence of Hope by Sig--Ezra/Vin (ATF AU)
A horrible on-the-job tragedy risks Ezra's newfound relationship with Vin, the Team itself and Ezra's very life.

Submissions are now being accepted for My Seducer, the Third Ezslash Anthology, an Ezra focused slash zine. OW, ATF or any other open or original AU will all be considered as long as the slash pairing includes Ezra. Cover and interior art is also being sought.

Stories including the following will not be considered: Non-Ezra included slash pairings either as the focus or as a sub-plot; a crossover with another fandom; death of one of the Seven; multiple partners; BDSM. Stories already posted to the net or to a mailing list will also not be considered unless significantly altered from their original versions.

Note: A diverse collection of pairings is being sought, thus the number of stories accepted for specific pairings may be limited to ensure the desired variety.

MS Word 97 is the preferred method of submitting stories, but other word processing programs are also acceptable. Please do not submit your story within the body of an email unless this is the only method available to you.

Contributing authors and artists will receive a complimentary copy of My Seducer: The Third Ezslash Anthology for eight pages of fiction or one piece of artwork accepted for the zine.

Submissions will be edited. The author has final say on acceptance of the final edits; the zine editor has final say on acceptance of the story for the zine. Authors agree to refrain from publishing their stories anywhere, including the net or mailing lists, for one year from publication date. Please do not submit your story if these guidelines are unacceptable to you.

Luminescence is also seeking Ezslash novellas, as well as Ezra-centric gen novellas and stories for zine publication. Please direct any submissions or inquiries to Lumina~. Thank you!

Email feedback: ezrawey@innernet.net


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