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Fandom: Magnificent Seven
Title: 'Tis The Season To Be.... (Sequel to Deck the Halls With....)
Author: Starwinder
Warnings: A little language and lots of chocolate-covered sex.

'Tis The Season To Be...
By Starwinder

Chris Larabee slammed on the brakes of his black Dodge Ram truck and rammed the gear shift into park, yanking open the driver's side door and jumping out almost before the big truck had stopped sliding along the driveway to his home.

The other members of his ATF team grabbed for whatever they could catch hold of to steady themselves.

Chris slammed the door behind him and started stalking towards his front porch only to suddenly turn in this tracks, march back to the truck, yank the door back open and reach in, snatching Ezra Standish's chocolate splattered, dark-green pajama bottoms off the truck dash before again slamming the door and stalking back towards the porch.

Buck Wilmington was chortling helplessly. [Oh, man! Chris has got it bad!]

JD watched his team leader with wide eyes.

Josiah and Nathan exchanged looks but couldn't help grinning.

The entire team had been watching the complicated dance between their leader, Chris Larabee, their sharpshooter, Vin Tanner and their undercover agent, Ezra Standish for some time now. The three men were obviously attracted to each other and trying their best to hide it from each other and maybe even from themselves.

Larabee was hindered in his interest by having to take into account the fact that he was the other two men's supervisor. He couldn't risk being accused of sexual harassment, which should he make a move on either man and that man objected, was a real possibility. Moreover he considered both men to be friends. He and Vin had had an immediate connection and he had worked hard, along with the others, to draw Standish into their little family of misfits.

Vin and Ezra were less constrained in that they were equals on the team, but they also had to consider what a relationship between them would do to the dynamics of the team.

Now, if what appeared to have occurred at Standish's town house was any indication, Vin or Ezra one, had made a decisive move.

Which left the rest of the team to deal with an obviously frustrated Larabee.

It was probably a good thing that they had just wrapped up a big case the week before and AD Travis had ordered them to take some much-needed downtime, giving them the entire week of Christmas off.


Ezra Standish aroused with a slight moan. He had the most wonderful ache in his nether regions. Physical proof that he had not dreamt the encounter with his beloved sharpshooter. Then too, he was wrapped in a pair of strong arms, arms that held him firmly but gently.

He stirred, pushing back against his new lover.

"Hey, Ez." Vin murmured softly.

"What time is it?"

Vin raised up so that he could see the clock. "About four. Why?"

"Oh, Lord! We are more than four hours late! Mister Larabee will have a conniption!"

Vin chuckled. "He'll survive it."

"But will we? That is the question, Mister Tanner."

"Mister Tanner? I done told ya, Ez. My name is Vin... and considering that we're lying here naked, and all sticky from chocolate and whipped crème and other stuff," he grinned, "I really think that we can drop the formalities."

Ezra chuckled. It did seem a bit preposterous to call a man "mister" when you were practically glued to him with chocolate, crème and cum. He turned so that he could look into Vin's love lit eyes. "Very well, Vin."

He smiled at the grin that earned him, then grew serious again. Reaching up to caress Vin's face he asked, "Are you sure that I am what you want? You and Mister Larabee would seem to have more in common..." he trailed off.

"Mighta been something there... if Chris had ever quit dancing around it. But I don't think it woulda lasted. Chris wants... needs... respectability, a wife and kids. One day he'd a'realized that and it woulda been over." He paused a long moment, smiling at Ezra as he traced the southerner's lower lip with a thumb. "Me'n you, we're a lot a like. Don't give a rat's ass what anybody else thinks... not really. We live our lives the way we want and if somebody else don't like it that's their problem. Don't make no excuses or give no explanations."

"Still, the attraction is there."

"Yep." Vin regarded him a long moment, "Ya like him that way, too." It was a statement, not a question.

"Indeed. He is a very attractive man." Ezra snuggled closer, "Perhaps we should get it out of our systems," he suggested.

"Ya wanna seduce him?"

"I was thinking that *we* could seduce him." Ezra grinned.

"Never done a threesome."

"Neither have I, but there is a first time for everything and I believe that I would rather share the experience with you than feel that I am being unfaithful to you... and I would feel faithless should I indulge myself in the fantasy alone."

Vin was silent for a long moment then nodded, "I'd like ta at least know what it woulda been like... and you're right, I'd feel guilty too, iffn I did it without you."

Ezra laughed again then at Vin's raised eyebrow he explained. "We haven't even discussed what we want from our relationship or where it is going and here we lay discussing seducing our boss."

Vin laughed out loud at that and rolled over on top of Ezra, pinning him to the feather mattress. "Oh, I think we know what we want from each other and where it's going. I reckon we want everything... and we want it forever."

Ezra gazed up at him, smiling, "Indeed. I do believe we are in agreement on that."

Vin grinned down at him, "Then how about we go bathe each other then go seduce the boss."

Ezra was still chuckling when Vin pushed him into the shower.


Chris paced the den like a caged tiger, looking ready to explode.

The rest of the team sat around the room exchanging looks and trying not to set off the impending explosion.

The phone on the table next to where Buck was sitting rang. He grabbed it before Larabee could reach it, knowing instinctively that it was Vin or Ezra one and afraid of what might happen if Larabee answered it.

"Larabee residence," he said standing and moving away so that Chris couldn't grab the cordless phone receiver.

"Hey, Bucklin," Vin's voice came over the line. "Tell Chris we're gonna be a little late, would ya?"

"A little late? Hate to tell ya this but you're already more'n a little late." Buck tried to keep his voice light and teasing but a note of worry crept in.

"Yeah, well, ain't nothing to worry about. We'll be there in a bit. How's Chris?"

"Ready to explode. You guys might wanna wear your bulletproof vests. He's apt to shoot ya on sight."

Vin laughed. "He ain't done it yet. Reckon we can handle him."

The cocky note in his voice set off alarms in Buck's head. What were the two of them up to?


When they arrived an hour later, chocolate crème pie in hand, it was obvious that they were 'together'. Just the way that they looked at each other screamed that they were lovers, not to mention the way that they could barely stand to be more than a few feet from each other. They were all but holding hands.

They came in through the back like always, dropping the pie off in the kitchen. They shed their coats and hung them in the hallway closet on the way into the den.

Chris turned to snap at them as they entered only to have his mouth suddenly go so dry that he couldn't speak. They were beautiful. Stunning.

Ezra was dressed casually, or at least as casually as he ever dressed. The emerald green silk shirt he wore matched his eyes to perfection and set off his forest-green trousers. The shirt was open at the collar framing a large passion mark in the hollow of his throat. His copper blonde hair was tousled and his full lips kiss swollen.

Vin was right behind him, one hand resting possessively on his back just above the waist. He had obviously raided Ezra's wardrobe. He wore a royal blue silk shirt that highlighted his sapphire eyes and set off the navy trousers he wore. Again the shirt was open at the neck, framing a clearly visible passion mark.

Vin grinned at Chris. "Sorry we're late, cowboy. We got a little distracted."

While the rest of the team nearly choked on that, Chris managed to find his voice. "I see." He ground out.

Vin and Ezra gave him their best innocent looks.

He took a deep breath. [It's your own damned fault Larabee, You couldn't make up your mind so you lost them both... to each other. Suck it up and get on with your life!]

"Now that you're finally here, let's eat." He snapped instead of ripping into them like he wanted to.

The meal was a curiously strained affair, with Vin and Ezra flaunting their new relationship and everyone else trying to ignore it. As soon as the meal was over Buck hustled JD out, reminding him that they were supposed to stop by Nettie Wells to drop off hers and Casey's gifts. With a final glare at Vin and Ezra that clearly told them they had better not hurt Chris or they'd answer to him, Buck closed the door behind him and JD.

Josiah and Nathan exchanged a look and beat an equally hasty retreat.

Ezra busied himself clearing the table and stacking the dishes in the sink to be rinsed and put in the dishwasher.

Chris poured himself a drink and went to stand at the den window staring out at the snow covered ground. He felt as cold inside as the winter wonderland that the large picture window framed.

Vin came and stood behind him reaching up to massage the tense shoulders.

Chris jerked away. "Don't," he growled. He turned to look back towards the kitchen, moving out of Vin's reach.

Vin let him go, knowing that to pursue him would only drive him farther away.

Ezra came to stand in the doorway to the kitchen, wiping his hands on a dishtowel. "It's quite all right, Mister Larabee." He tossed the towel aside and approached the other two men. "I am well aware of your attraction to Mister Tanner and his to you."

"But..." confusion was plain in the single word.

"I am also aware of your attraction to me... and mine to you."

"But you two are...?"

"Obviously together. I am in love with Mister Tanner and he with me... but that does not preclude our loving you."

Chris turned to look at Vin, "I'm not sure that I understand...."

"It's all right." Vin soothed, "Just relax, Cowboy. Ain't nothing gonna happen you don't want to." He stepped closer, moving to massage the tense shoulders again.

Ezra moved closer in front of Chris, reaching to lay his hands on Chris' chest. "We are simply telling you that that you don't have to choose. You don't have to choose between us. You don't have to choose between being with us and eventually finding a woman and starting a new family. We love you. We will always love you but when the time comes for you to move on, we will let you go. We can do that, because we will always have each other."

He smiled up at Chris. "Now, tell us what you want."

Chris stood frozen a moment longer. He could feel Vin's breath warm against the back of his neck while the sharpshooter's hands glided down his back, then moved to stroke his sides.

Ezra's hands moved, feather light across his chest, caressing his nipples.

Chris' nipples tightened under the ghostlike touch and his cock hardened. He swallowed hard. He could have it all. A few hours ago he had thought that he had lost everything and now... he could have it all.

He nodded numbly. "You," he managed to croak. "I want you, both of you... Please."

Vin's arms slid around Chris' waist and he hugged the team leader back against him, letting Chris feel the erection that tented Vin's trousers.

Ezra's eyes met Vin's over Chris' shoulder and he smiled at his lover, as his nimble fingers undid the buttons of their boss' shirt. This was going to be even better than they had anticipated. They hadn't even gotten Chris undressed yet and he was trembling and pleading.

Vin glanced towards the fireplace and the bearskin rug on the floor in front of it. He grinned.

Ezra nodded and grinned back at him. Another fantasy about to be fulfilled. He backed slowly towards the fireplace, tugging Chris along by the shirt he was unbuttoning.

As they reached the rug, Vin stripped the shirt off Chris and bent to plant kisses on the now bare shoulders, while Ezra sank gracefully to his knees and began to open Chris' pants, sliding them down the narrow hips to reveal Chris' rampart cock.

He grasped the cock in one hand and looked up to see Chris gazing down at him with desire filled eyes.

"Yes. Please...." Chris murmured.

Ezra smiled, then his tongue darted out to lick his lips, before he leaned in to gently kiss the velvety head. He licked around the crown then slipped his tongue into the slit delicately licking away a small pearl of precum. He let it roll around in his mouth, savoring the taste before he swallowed.

He glanced back up to see Chris' head now tossed back, his eyes closed in pleasure.

Vin nodded to him over Chris' shoulder and they moved in concert to lay the team leader down on the rug, Ezra wrapped his arms around Chris' legs and lifted as Vin knelt taking Chris' upper body down with him.

Chris barely acknowledged the change in position, only opening his eyes then letting them drift closed again as Ezra moved to reclaim his cock, sliding his mouth down over it, taking it in all the way to the base.

A low moan escaped Chris' lips. He whimpered in need as Ezra began to suck him expertly.

Vin let his fingers glide through Chris' hair in a gentle, reassuring touch before he moved away to pull Chris' boots off and finish removing his jeans.

Then Chris Larabee lay naked, spread out on the bear skin rug in front of his fireplace, displayed in all his pale golden glory to the eyes of his seducers.

Vin stood over them, savoring the sight of Ezra hungrily sucking on Chris cock. One hand drifted to the buttons of his shirt and he began to slowly undress, caressing himself as he watched Ezra pleasuring Chris.

When he was naked, he sank to his knees beside the couple and reached for Chris' cock, closing his hand around it, pumping it in sync with Ezra's sucking.

Emerald eyes rose to meet his and Ezra withdrew with a smile, letting Vin take over, sucking Chris while Ezra rose to his feet and began to undress.

Moments later he rejoined them, lying down beside Chris, drawing the older man into a long tender kiss, exploring his mouth as Vin continued to lave Chris' cock. He reached down to tangle one hand in Vin's long soft hair.

Vin glanced up and let Chris' cock slip from his mouth as Ezra shifted to kiss his way down Chris' body. Vin began kissing his way upwards, until he was devouring Chris' mouth and Ezra was once more engulfing Chris' cock with his hot mouth.

They rolled Chris onto his side and Vin plastered himself along his new lover's back while Ezra shifted with easy grace to continue worshipping Chris' cock with his mouth.

Vin nibbled at Chris' earlobe. "Want ya," he murmured, "Wanna be inside ya. Do ya want that Chris? Do ya want me?" He stroked long soothing caresses down Chris' back, gently cupping the tight, firm ass cheeks.

"You're so beautiful." He whispered as he let one finger slip into the crease of Chris' ass. "Do you want me?" he asked again.

Chris moaned. His whole body felt like it was tingling.

Ezra rolled Chris' balls between gentle fingers, letting one slide back to caress the puckered opening that Vin had just touched.

It felt like electricity running through him as they touched him, fingers trailing fire across his skin. "Yes, yes, Vin," he panted. "I want you... in me."

"Ezra," Vin's voice held a note of question.

Ezra's answer was to reach behind him and hand Vin the tube of lube that he had brought back to the rug with him when he had undressed.

Vin opened it and squeezed a long line out onto Ezra's elegant fingers. "Stretch him for me, Baby," he ordered.

Ezra smiled around Chris' cock as Vin raised one of Chris' legs up a bit so that Ezra could reach between them and dip his slender fingers into the puckered opening to Chris' body.

Chris moaned again at the touch. Lord, it felt so good.

Ezra continued to lick and suck on Chris' cock as he worked first one, then two, then three fingers into the tight entrance to Chris' body.

Vin leaned up on one elbow, watching Ezra prepare Chris for him, and gently stroking Chris' arms and back with the other hand. He spoke softly, his voice, calmly soothing, "Oh, yeah. That's so sexy. So hot. Work your fingers in'm, Baby. Get him ready for me. Gonna need to stretch him good for my big dick."

He bent and kissed Chris' shoulder as Ezra's fingers found Chris' prostrate and Chris gave a sudden shudder of pleasure. "Make him feel good, Baby." He ordered.

Another shudder ran through Chris, telling Vin that Ezra was obeying him, making Chris feel good.

With a sudden cry, Chris came into Ezra's mouth and even as he swallowed Chris' cum, Ezra reached back and handed Vin a condom that he had produced like magic.

Vin rolled it on and lubed it as Chris shuddered and moaned through his climax, waiting until Chris went limp in its aftermath, until Chris' body was totally relaxed. Then he positioned his cock and thrust forward, entering Chris to the balls in a single stroke, then remaining still, waiting for Chris to recover from his climax.

Chris roused back from the euphoria of his climax to a feeling of fullness in his bowels. He trembled at the realization that Vin had taken him, was completely buried in him. He pushed back, trembling. It felt so wonderful.

Ezra had moved up Chris' body and was planting little kisses all over Chris' face. His hands stroked Chris' hair and shoulders. He murmured soothingly as Vin's hands gripped Chris' hips. "So beautiful. Do you have any idea how beautiful you are? Are you ready, Darling? Ready for Vin to make love to you, to show you just how very much we love you?"

"Yes, please. Vin. Move. Take me. Please." Chris begged incoherently.

Vin withdrew slowly and thrust back in just as slowly.

Chris whimpered and tried to thrust back but Vin's grip on his hips held him steady.

"Easy, Babe. Slow and easy." Vin murmured. "Ain't gonna hurt ya. Ain't ever gonna hurt ya. I'll pick up the pace when you're opened up a bit more." He groaned softly at the exquisite tightness. One hand moved to caress Chris' cock, which was starting to stir again.

"Ez..." he called softly, "wanna come back down here?"

Ezra shifted, turning so that his head was even with Chris' cock and his hips were near Chris' head. He lifted Chris' leg and placed it on his shoulder as he began to kiss and lave Chris' cock and balls, occasionally licking all the way back to where Chris and Vin were joined, his tongue caressing Vin's cock as it slid in and out of Chris' body.

Chris moaned with pleasure and reached out, one hand finding and caressing Ezra's hip. He sighed and let his hand explore without conscious thought.

Ezra gasped around Chris' cock as Chris' hand found his cock and began to stroke it. He whimpered and sucked harder on Chris' cock as he felt Chris' lips close over the head of his cock.

"Oh, Lord!" Ezra moaned around Chris' cock.

Chris gave an answering moan around Ezra's cock, then gasped as Ezra suddenly hummed around his. Whimpering helplessly he came into the other man's mouth.

Ezra's cock jumped and he moved back, pulling out of Chris' mouth as he came, splattering his cum across Chris' face. Chris gasped in surprise.

Behind him Vin cried out, as Chris' climax caused his channel to spasm around Vin's thrusting cock. Clutching Chris to him he thrust deep and came, too.

For a moment they all lay in a heap, too spent to move, then Vin slowly pulled out of Chris and gently rolled him over on his back, leaning in to kiss him. He chuckled softly at the sight of Chris' face covered with Ezra's cum. He kissed Chris gently then began to lick away the salty cum.

Ezra lifted his head to watch them then shifted so that he too could reach Chris' face. "Leave some for me, Mister Tanner." He chided quietly as he leaned in to help Vin lick Chris' face clean.

Chris could lonely lay there, drifting in an euphoric haze as the two men took turns licking at his face and kissing him.

He blinked his eyes open as the felt the tongues withdraw.

Vin was leaned across him, kissing Ezra deeply. After a moment he withdrew and whispered, "Done told ya, Ez. My name is Vin. 'xpect ya to use it."

"Yes, Love," Ezra murmured back.

Chris was struck by the pure adoration in the green eyes as Ezra looked at Vin. Then smiled as he saw the same look in Vin's eyes as the sharpshooter looked at Ezra.

He reached up and ran a hand through Ezra's hair, attracting Ezra's attention, then tangled the fingers of the other hand in Vin's hair. "So beautiful," he murmured. "Both of you. Will you stay... tonight?"

They both smiled down at him. "Any night you wish, Mister Larabee." Ezra said.

"Ever night, if ya want, Cowboy." Vin grinned at him.

"Don't think I could handle both of you every night." Chris smiled at them, as he drew them down to lie beside him, one on either side, a head on each of his shoulders. "And Ezra, it's Chris."

"Yes, sir... Chris." Ezra gave him a dimpled smile before becoming fascinated by the hard little nub of nipple that was right next to his mouth.

A shiver went through Chris as Ezra began to lavish his attention on the nipple. "Do you two know that I have a king-size bed in my room?"

"Yep," Vin replied.

Ezra had his mouth full.

"What say we move this to the bedroom?" Chris suggested.

"Sounds good to me."

Chris tugged, pulling Ezra over on top of him.

Ezra raised his head releasing the nipple he had been toying with to look up at Chris enquiringly.

Chris let his hands stroke down Ezra's back, to grasp his tight buttocks. With a little help from Vin he sat up so that Ezra was sitting on his lap. He leaned in to kiss the smaller man.

"Let's go to bed, bad boy... and you can show me just how bad you can be." His hands kneaded the firm buttocks. "Nice bottom."

Vin leaned against them, one hand stroking down Chris' back the other stroking down Ezra's. "Real nice... and he likes being on the bottom."

Vin brushed a kiss across Chris' cheek as Ezra slipped his arms around Chris' neck and leaned in to kiss him. For a moment the three of them traded kisses, then Ezra felt Chris' cock bumping against his buttocks and raised up trying to capture it between his asscheeks.

"Uh-uh," Chris chided. "Bedroom. I'm too old to spend the night on the floor... although I wouldn't complain about finding you two under my Christmas tree in the morning."

Ezra rose from his lap with easy grace and held out one hand to him and the other to Vin to help them up. "Well, they do say, Santa doesn't come if you stay up and wait, so let us retire... and see what Santa brings us."

Chris chuckled, pulling them both into a hug. "I've already got what I wanted."

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Everything on this page is fiction. Any resemblance or reference to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.