Everything on this page is fiction. Any resemblance or reference to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

In answer to the list being so quiet I decided to post this. This is the only place I am sending it for now. It's a bit different from my usual stuff in that it is short, very short and has absolutely no plot.

DISCLAIMER: They ain't mine, folks, never have been, never will be.
AUTHOR: Starwinder
TITLE: Sweat
WARNINGS: Sweaty men. Very sweaty men. And handcuffs.
PAIRING: Ezra/Vin.
STATUS: new, complete
DESCRIPTIONS: Slash, of course. Vin gets what he wants for his birthday.

By Starwinder

Early May in Denver is not exceptionally hot but Vin Tanner's apartment was sweltering. The windows were tightly closed, the blinds drawn. Loud music pounded through the room, vibrating the windows. The walls seemed to pulse with it.

In the center of the bare wood floor, Vin Tanner danced to the pounding beat of the music, if what he was doing could be called dancing. He was oblivious to everything except the music and his partner.

His skintight blue jeans and plain white T-shirt were plastered to his sweat soaked body. His shoulder length hair was drenched with sweat and clung to his head and neck.

He stood with legs firmly planted in a wide stance, one leg between his partner's, rubbing against the other man's groin. His arms were around his partner's narrow hips, his hands firmly grasping the other man's firm ass, his groin grinding against the other man's hip. His head was thrown back, eyes closed.

The other man leaned in to him, eyes also closed, licking the sweat from Vin's collarbone. His hands were cuffed behind his back but he seemed oblivious to that fact as he ground his pelvis against Vin's.

Vin tossed his head wildly and sweat slung out in long droplets from the tips of his hair, spraying the room.

Ezra Standish's usually pristine clothing, as wet with sweat as Vin's, was plastered to his body. His normally carefully coifed hair was plastered to his head in an unruly array of tight curls. Forest green trousers clung to his legs and ass, as wet as if they had been taken from the washer before the spin cycle. The pale jade shirt hung from his shoulders open to the waist in the front, clinging to his torso in wet splotches.

They moved as one, giving and taking. Ezra's tongue laved Vin's throat before he threw back his head and Vin swooped in to lick the glistening droplets of sweat from the long elegant curve of Standish's neck.

He hungrily slurped up the moisture, licking his way up the strong column of throat to the face. He bathed his partner's jawline, cheeks and forehead, licked down the smooth straight nose to lave the sweat coated upper lip before diving in to claim the sweet mouth in a bruising kiss.

Ezra moaned into the kiss. The sound was inaudible under the throbbing beat of the music but Vin could feel the vibration of it in his mouth.

They were both getting close now. He could feel Ezra twisting against him, his humping becoming more urgent as he neared his climax.

Without warning Vin broke the kiss and pulled back, turning Ezra in his arms then plastering himself along the strong back of his lover. Using his pelvic thrusts to move Ezra along ahead of him, he aimed them at the end of the couch.

Ezra let himself be forced forward until he was bent over the end of the couch, his groin, pushed into the heavily padded back. He raised one knee to rest on the couch arm, bringing his throbbing cock into contact with the rough fabric covering the couch. The material of his trousers covering his cock was enough padding to keep it from being painful while still allowing the rubbing to stimulate his cock as Vin ground against his buttocks.

Vin stayed with him, lifting one of his legs to the couch arm as well, forcing Ezra's legs wider as he ground his cock against the sweat soaked trousers that separated it from his lover's tight ass.

Ezra screamed as Vin's frantic pounding, drove his cock against the couch back and pushed him to his climax.

Vin's shout of completion came seconds later.

Neither could be heard over the driving music.

For a long moment they lay slumped over the couch back, both too exhausted to move.

Then Vin moved back and sank to his knees, pulling Ezra with him.

Ezra let his head loll back, exposing the long column of his neck to Vin.

Vin licked at it gently.

The music faded then ended.

Vin wrapped one arm around Ezra and leaned forward, groping on the end of the couch for the stereo remote. Finding it, he switched off the CD player before it could begin another track.

He dropped it back on the couch and lowered Ezra so that he lay on the floor, careful of his cuffed hands.

Fishing in the pocket of his sweat soaked jeans he found the key to the handcuffs and removed them.

Ezra sighed and curled up on the floor. The smooth wood was cool beneath his flushed cheek. He lay bonelessly on the floor as Vin rose to open the window and turn the fan on. He made no move to help when Vin returned and began to strip him of his sweat stained clothing.

Vin smiled down at him, taking his time removing the drenched clothing, he stroked and caressed his lover's limp from, occasionally leaning in to lick at the salty sweat that was slowly evaporating from the beloved figure.

'What do you want for your birthday, Love?"

"I want to see you sweat. Not just a little bit, but soaked through with it. I want to lick it off you and make you come with your clothes on."

He grinned at the memory. Ezra had made that fantasy a reality. It had been a wonderful birthday present... and there was more to come. He and Ezra weren't anywhere near done celebrating his birthday.

The End

Everything on this page is fiction. Any resemblance or reference to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.