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Sneaking Around
By Starwinder

They'd been on the trail for over two weeks. It seemed like forever and they were still a week from home. The four of them had been making a circuit, picking up prisoners in the surrounding towns and delivering them to Yuma Prison for the Judge. At least now they were free of the prisoners and headed home.

It was a beautiful full moon night and Josiah had grinned to himself as Chris and Vin had slipped off into the shadowed woods surrounding the camp. He knew what they were up to. He had known for quite some time about the true nature of their relationship. It didn't bother him, in fact he got a vicarious thrill from it. He had always admired and desired the handsome tracker, fantasizing about him while he masturbated.

Knowing that Vin was with Chris only made the fantasizing feel even more sinful... and exciting. Especially since he knew that Chris knew he found Vin attractive. Still he felt a thrill of danger as he slipped out of his blankets and silently followed the two men into the woods. While Chris might not object to his admiration of Vin he had no doubt that should he be caught watching them he could be... and probably would be shot.

He crouched down behind a thick bush, peering through the branches to where Chris and Vin lay entwined in the shadow of a tall fir tree. There was just enough light to give him a hint of what they were doing and fuel his imagination.

Vin's torso was already bare, the pale skin seeming to glow in the bright moonlight. Chris's arms were wrapped around him, his head bent over him, his mouth at Vin's arched throat.

Josiah swallowed hard trying to get some moisture into his suddenly dry mouth as he reached down to free his straining cock.


Ezra kept his eyes closed as he heard Josiah slip out of his blankets and ghost towards the woods in the same direction that Chris and Vin had previously disappeared in.

He sighed deeply. He was getting tired of this. Granted he had never given anyone a hint of his preferences but he had expected, (Yes, damn it *expected*!) to have at least one of the members of their little group hot for him! What the hell was it with that damned scruffy tracker? Chris had him. Josiah wanted him. He'd even caught Nathan looking at the man with that 'I'd love to fuck you' look in his eyes. Hell, if Buck weren't blind to every one except JD he'd probably be hot for the tracker too.

It wasn't fair. He'd been fighting off men all his life and now that he'd found one that he had no intention of fighting off, the man was blind as a bat to his desires. He could almost hear Josiah's voice calling him 'son'... and his own responding that he was *not* Josiah's son. Dammit ta hell! He did *not* want to be Josiah's son! A son did *not* want what he wanted from Josiah. He felt his heartbeat speed up and his cock stir as he thought of just what he *did* want from Josiah Sanchez.

He lay still a moment longer making sure that Josiah was out of sight before he too, flung back his blankets and crept into the woods behind the object of his desires.


Josiah had to shove his fisted hand into his mouth to keep from crying out as he came, his cum arching out to decorate the leaves of the bush he was kneeling behind. He sank back on his haunches, hands resting on his knees as he tried to get his breath without betraying his presence. He remained in his hiding place as Chris and Vin straightened their clothes, shared one last long lingering kiss and moved off back towards the campsite.

When he thought they were out of hearing he staggered to his feet and reached down to tuck his cock back into his pants, noting that it was already half-erect again. Fantasies weren't enough anymore. He turned with a sigh and froze with his cock still in his hand.

A few feet away Ezra Standish leaned against the trunk of a scrub pine with an amused look on his face. His white silk shirt shimmered like mother-of-pearl in the moonlight. His arms were crossed across his chest and one leg was crossed in front of the other.

One eyebrow quirked upward, "You are aware," he observed mildly, "that you could get yourself shot by spying on Mister Larabee and his paramour." He straightened and let his arms fall to his sides as he moved forward, with a silent gliding step that reminded Josiah of a tiger stalking its prey. "While he may find it flattering that you admire the attributes of his lover, I doubt that he would be so tolerant if he were to become aware that you have been observing them whilst you masturbate."

"That sounds like a veiled threat." Josiah rumbled.

Ezra shrugged, "Merely an observation." He paused as he moved closer, his gaze lowering to check out Josiah's crotch. "Just as I can't help but observe that your solo performance does not seem to have solved your... rather impressive... problem."

Josiah scowled at him, inwardly cringing as he realized that his cock was still protruding through his open fly and that it was now fully erect. Was Ezra suggesting...? "What'd ya want, Ezra?" he growled.

Ezra smirked at him and shrugged again. "I think it might be more to the point to ask what do you want." He suggested coyly then paused and looked up at Josiah in the moonlight. "I was merely wondering if you would like a hand with that." He reached out, letting one long elegant finger gently brush across the swollen head of Josiah's cock. "Or perhaps something else..." He let it trail off and let his tongue dart out to glide along his upper lip moistening it before doing the same to the lower one, wondering if Josiah would be able to resist the temptation. The man hadn't exactly proven himself to be good at resisting temptation.

Josiah was trembling with need, his mind in a swirl. He needed to get off again and he knew from experience that masturbating again would be no more satisfying than the first time had been. He would still ache and want... and he would never actually have Vin.

Ezra licked his lips and said softly, "I've never been particular about my name... I've changed it often enough...." He felt his heart breaking inside him as he went on, moving closer, "One body is much like another. Just close your eyes and pretend..." He could not bring himself to add the words... 'that I'm Vin.'

His hand closed firmly around the massive shaft of the preacher's cock. With his other hand planted firmly on Josiah's chest he pushed, forcing Josiah to step back.

Josiah felt himself pushed backwards until his shoulders rested against a nearby tree trunk. His eyes were locked on Ezra's face as the gambler sank to his knees before him. For an instant he thought that he saw a bottomless sorrow in the green eyes, then they closed and the gambler's mouth opened as he leaned forward to take the bulbous head of the preacher's cock into his mouth.

Josiah's head fell back against the tree trunk, his eyes closing. 'Oh, God!' It had been so long, so very long, since he had felt anything other than his own hand on his cock.

The mouth on his cock was hot and wet. The tongue that danced around the crown and slipped under the foreskin was talented and agile. The hand wrapped around the base of his cock pumped firmly in counterpoint to the lips that slid up and down the first few inches of his shaft.

Josiah groaned. He didn't expect the gambler to be able to do much more than suck on the head while he pumped the shaft. No one, other than a certain highly skilled courtesan whom he'd known in New Orleans many years before, had ever been able to take even half of his massive cock. It was too thick and too long.

While other men might envy him the fact that he was 'hung like the proverbial horse', he had found it to be a deterrent in finding a sex partner. The only women who had been interested in marrying him had never seen it and even many of the 'ladies of the evening' that he had frequented had taken one look at it and begged to be spared having it inside them.

No man had ever been able to take it all down their throat and to a man they had refused to even consider the other possibility.


As he and Chris moved quietly back towards the camp, Vin held up a hand to signal his lover to stop.

Chris stepped in closer. 'What?'

"Heard something." Vin answered the unasked question, tilting his head and slowly turning to try and determine the location of the sound.

Chris strained to hear what had captured Vin's attention. After a moment he heard the soft murmur of voices, too far away to hear the words... but coming from the direction they had just left rather than from the direction of the camp.

Vin signaled him to be quiet and follow him.

They crept back in the direction that they had just come. A moment later they were crouched down beside a tree, close enough to make out the voices and the words.

Ezra Standish was standing in front of Josiah Sanchez, his voice low and husky as he said, "...is much like another. Just close your eyes and pretend..."

They watched as one of Ezra's hands closed on the cock jutting out of Josiah's pants and the other landed in the center of Josiah's chest pushing him back to lean against a nearby tree.

'Damn!' Chris cursed to himself. It was obvious to him from their location that Josiah had been watching him and Vin. He knew that the preacher was aware of their relationship and he had seen the man giving Vin appreciative looks but to actually spy on them! He felt his anger start to rise. Then Ezra's words registered, 'Just close your eyes and pretend...' Pretend what? That Ezra was Vin! That's what! His rage flared and he started to rise when Vin's hand gripped his arm.

Vin gave a gasp then leaned into him to whisper, "Damn, cowboy! 'siah's huge! I'm glad ya ain't that big!"

The words somehow calmed him. Josiah might want Vin but Chris had him... and Vin did not want Josiah and never would.

He turned his attention back to the scene in front of them. Jesus! Vin was right. Josiah was huge. It looked like Ezra's lips were stretched to the limit just trying to take the almost fist sized head into his mouth.


Ezra moaned around the fat cockhead in his mouth. It was wonderful to at last have it in his mouth, to taste the sweet, salty tang of Josiah's essence as it seeped from the slit in the end of the shaft. He shivered with pleasure, no longer caring who Josiah was thinking of. Soon *he* would drink the juice of Josiah's loins. It would be enough. It would have to be enough. It was all he had.

He reached up, nimble fingers finding the one button that Josiah had fastened before Ezra had accosted him, and unfastened it. The hand followed the waistband of Josiah's pants until the fingers reached the buttons that held the suspenders to it and released them. Swapping hands, without ever pausing in his ardent attention to the massive organ in his mouth he reached for the buttons that held the other suspender. As soon as it was free he tugged downward on the trousers, sliding them off Josiah's hips and down the thick thighs, freeing the large heavy balls.

One hand closed on the thickly furred balls, rolling them gently, eliciting a moan of pleasure from Josiah who thrust into Ezra's mouth in response to the touch.

Ezra rose slightly higher on his knees and tugged the thick shaft downward bringing it in better alignment with his throat. Then he released his handhold on the cock transferring it to Josiah's hip as he somehow relaxed the muscles of his throat and plunged forward, taking every inch of Josiah's long, thick cock down his throat.

Josiah screamed... a long, loud, animal-like cry of pleasure. Lost in the sensations he couldn't stop himself from thrusting. His hands closed on the back of Ezra's head, finger's knotting in the thick dark hair as he fucked blindly, mindlessly into the moist, hot cavern that surrounded him. It only took him a moment to come, shooting his load deep into Ezra's throat.

His knees buckled as he climaxed and he slid down the tree trunk, barely feeling the rough bark against his naked buttocks as he collapsed to the ground. His collapse pulled his cock from Ezra's throat.

The gambler twisted away from the preacher, coughing and gasping for breath. As soon as he could move, he scrabbled to his feet and staggered away, wanting to get clear of the preacher before the inevitable happened. He'd barely managed a dozen steps before he fell to his knees, retching. Hot tears squeezed their way out of his eyes and slid down his cheeks, unnoticed.

As soon as the heaves stopped, he forced himself to his feet and staggered back towards the camp.


Vin and Chris sank back against the tree they had been kneeling by.

"Oh, God!" Vin whispered, "Poor Ez! How could Josiah just...." His voice trailed off in confusion.

Chris reached out to squeeze his shoulder, "I don't know, Vin. Obviously they aren't lovers... this was just something that happened and apparently Ezra wanted..."

"He couldn't have wanted *that*! Not *like* that!" Vin snapped, "'Siah hurt him!"

Chris looked down at the ground for a long moment then nodded, "Yeah, he did." He turned back to Vin. "Go make sure Ez is all right. I think I need to have a word with the preacher." His voice had gone grim.

Vin nodded and rose, moving silently away.

Chris stood up and moved around the tree, walking over to where Josiah, sat leaned back against the tree breathing heavily.

Hearing the footsteps, Josiah opened his eyes, excepting to see Ezra. He made a grab at his pants, trying to cover himself when he realized that it was Chris standing in front of him. He looked around in confusion.

"Ezra's not here." Chris told him.

Josiah gave a sigh and pulled his knees up and wrapped his arms around them. "Is he all right?"

Chris shrugged, "I don't know. Vin's checking on him."

Josiah nodded. "Lord, What have I done?" He let his head fall back against the tree trunk with a thud.

"You hurt him." Chris stated flatly. "Get dressed and get back to camp." He turned on his heel and stalked away, heading back towards the campsite.

Josiah sat staring up at the sky a long moment longer then slowly struggled to his feet and straightened his clothes. How could he have done this... and to Ezra of all people? To Ezra, the one of the seven that he looked on as a son? More penance to add to what he was already doing. He sighed and slowly began to make his way back towards the campsite.


When Chris arrived back at the campsite, Vin was sitting beside Ezra on the gambler's bedroll holding a canteen trying to get the other man to drink some water.

"Com'on, Ez, it'll help yer throat." Vin urged.

Ezra shook his head, "Hurts," he croaked.

"Ah know but keeping it moist'll help." Vin argued.

Chris watched a moment then moved over to them, squatting down at Vin's side he asked, "You got any of those lemon drops ya bought in Ridge City left?"

Vin looked up at him, "In my saddle bags. Why?"

"Sarah used to give Adam a mixture of lemon and honey in whiskey thinned with hot water when he had a sore throat. It might help. I know Ez keeps a tin of honey in his bags. You've got lemon drops. I'll melt them in the water, add the honey and a bit of Ez's good liquor...." He trailed off as he dug around in the saddlebags to find the things he needed.

Josiah returned to the camp, looking like a whipped dog and feeling like one. He stood a moment looking at the scene before him. Vin hovered protectively at Ezra's side, Chris knelt by the fire, preparing something. Both men looked up at him with matching glares as he approached.

Ezra remained slumped on his bedroll, not raising his head to acknowledge Josiah's presence. One hand was at his throat as he painfully swallowed the water Vin was urging on him.

Josiah shuffled over to stand in front of the gambler and the tracker who put a protective arm around the smaller man and glared up at Josiah.

"Ezra...." Josiah began, "Ezra please..." His voice sounded ragged to him.

Ezra refused to look up.

Josiah fell to his knees in front of the gambler, reaching one hand out to him, "Ezra... I'm so sorry, son. I--"

"Son!" Ezra's hoarse snarl cut him off. "I'm *not* your damned son!"

He wrenched loose from Vin's guarding arm and swung a hard right that connected solidly with Josiah's chin and sent him sprawling backwards into the dirt of the campsite. Ezra followed the punch coming down on top of the preacher, straddling his waist.

Chris stood up from the fire and charged towards them only to have Vin block him. "Let'em have it out, Cowboy. Josiah's got it comin' an' I reckon he knows it."

Grabbing Josiah by the front of his shirt just below the collar with both hands Ezra yanked the preacher's head up off the ground then slammed it back down again. Leaning in close he snarled in his ragged hoarse voice, "I do *not* *want* a damned father! I never had one and I don't need one now! I want a damned lover! I want you..." he gave Josiah's head and shoulders a shake to emphasize his words, "...you son of a bitch!"

Josiah blinked groggily, trying to make sense of what the gambler was saying, around the stars exploding inside his skull and the dull ringing that having his head bounced against the ground had produced. He wasn't certain that he was following the words correctly. It sounded like Ezra said....

Then Ezra's mouth came down on his in a fierce, demanding kiss and all thoughts went out of his mind with the exception of one: Somehow, for some reason, Ezra still wanted him.

His arms went up and around the gambler and he rolled them over putting the gambler under him. He rose up, leaning over the gambler, lifting his body off the smaller man enough that Ezra would know he wasn't trapped that he could escape, if he wanted to.

When Ezra lay still making no attempt to get away from him, Josiah reached up one large hand to caress the gambler's face, "I never meant to hurt you, Ezra. I'd never intentionally hurt you. I'm so sorry. I swear... if you'll give me another chance... I'll never hurt you again."

Ezra turned his head, nuzzling into the caressing hand, kissing the palm. He had so much he wanted to say to Josiah but the few words he'd managed to force out had made the pain in his throat flare. He looked up at Josiah and mouthed the words, "I love you." As he pulled the preacher's head down and kissed him again, more gently this time, his arms encircling Josiah's neck.

Josiah gathered him up in his arms and rolled them back over, first sitting up then standing, holding Ezra in his arms like a child. He carried Ezra back to the gambler's bedroll and laid him down, lying down beside him.

Vin pushed Chris back towards the fire, away from where the two men lay cuddling, motioning him to finish up the toddy he was making.

Chris stirred the cup of hot water noting that the lemon drops he'd put in it were completely melted. He opened the tin of honey he had gotten from Ezra' saddlebags and added a couple of spoons to the hot water and lemon mixture. Then he opened the gambler's flask and filled the cup the rest of the way to the brim with Ezra's fine whiskey, stirring it to mix it all up.

Walking over to the two men, with Vin trailing behind him, Chris squatted down beside the blanket, "Ezra."

Both men looked up at him and Vin.

He smiled at them and held out the cup, "I think this might help that sore throat, Ez."

Josiah sat up and took it from him, "Thanks, Chris. I'll see he drinks it." He turned back to the man that he now held cradled protectively in his arms and held the cup up for him to drink as Chris stepped away.

Vin stood looking down at them for a long moment until Josiah, feeling the tracker's eyes on him, looked up, then he spoke, his voice low and menacing, "Understand this, Preacher. You hurt him again... anytime... anyhow... for any reason... and I. Will. Kill. You."

He turned and strode away without waiting for an answer.

Josiah bent his head to press a kiss into gambler's hair as he murmured too low for anyone to hear, "And I will let you."

Ezra responded to the kiss by pressing deeper into Josiah's arms as he sipped the soothing toddy that Chris had made him. It had been a night filled with surprises. Chris' concern, Vin's protectiveness and now Josiah's tenderness. All in all it had turned out much better than he'd dared to hope, not that he believed for a moment in happily ever after... but happily right now would do.

He smiled as Josiah tossed the now empty cup away and lay them back on the blankets.

Bending over Ezra, Josiah began to gently kiss his way from Ezra's forehead to his lips. One large hand stroked down Ezra's side to his hip and inward to caress between the gambler's thighs.

Oh, yes! Happily right now would do just fine!

The End.

Everything on this page is fiction. Any resemblance or reference to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.