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Some time ago when Joe posted his Hunter's Moon AU he said we could play. I had been trying for some time to write a E/N story and just couldn't seem to get it to work. But in the context of the Hunter's Moon AU it finally came together so here it is.

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3) WARNINGS: m/m sex lots of it.
4) TYPE: Slash
5) RATING: NC-17 for explicit m/m sex
6) PAIRING: Ezra/Nathan (I did it! I did it! I got Ez and Nate in bed!!!!)
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8) THE AU TYPE: Joe Lawson's Hunter's Moon AU
9) He said it was OPEN

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The Joys of Pack Life: Ezra/Nathan
By Starwinder

Ezra Standish stood in the deep shadows at the foot of the clinic stairs and watched Nathan Jackson.

Nathan sat halfway up the steps, his elbows on his knees, his hands clasped and hanging between them as he stared down the street at the church.

Ezra glanced out at the street. It was late. The saloon had already closed, most of the houses were dark. There was a light on at the jail where JD sat on night guard duty but that was virtually the only light left in the town outside of the street fires.

After a long moment of just watching, Ezra moved to the foot of the stairs and ascended, gliding upwards with easy grace as silently as a cat-burglar on the prowl.

He paused beside the healer and shook his head. He might as well have run pounding up the stairs screaming like a hysterical woman. He doubted that Nathan would have noticed as focused as he was on the church down the street.

He cleared his throat, not really expecting it to get a response.

It didn't.

After a moment he casually kicked Nathan on the shin, not too hard, just a light rap to get his attention.

Nathan turned looking up at him with an expression that managed to mix annoyance and chagrin. "You kicked me!"

Ezra shrugged, "So I did. It seemed the easiest way to get your attention."

He sat down on the step just above Nathan, and slightly to the healer's right, forcing the other man to turn away from the church if he wished to see Ezra's face as he spoke.

Ezra chuckled softly as Nathan cast a look at him over his shoulder then returned to staring at the church.

"Missing someone, perhaps?" the honeyed drawl held amusement. "Feeling left out? Unappreciated? I understand completely. Our darling Mister Wilmington is at the church with Mister Sanchez, as you no doubt know from the way you are watching it. He is undoubtedly enjoying learning of the benefits to be had from taking an older, experienced lover. Whilst our erstwhile leader has retreated to his so-called cabin with Mister Tanner, having apparently at long last discovered the seething volcano of passion lurking just beneath the placid surface of our taciturn tracker. Young Mister Dunne has not as yet become truly cognizant of the possibilities presented by pack life. That leaves you, dear Nathan...."

He shifted to sit directly behind Nathan, seemingly flowing across the step. His left hand slipped into the short kinky curls of the healer's hair and stroked, caressingly. His right came to rest on Nathan's broad right shoulder. He leaned close against the healer's broad back, his voice becoming low and intimate, his breath a soft caress on Nathan's ear.

"And me... to explore the possibilities." His tongue snaked out, licking the back curve of Nathan's ear.

The big man shivered at the touch.

Ezra's left hand glided down to Nathan's left shoulder, "Such lovely muscles, Mister Jackson, but so tense." The thumbs slid upwards to the pressure points at the back of the healer's skull and moved in tiny circles massaging them before stroking firmly down the neck again to join the rest of Ezra's fingers kneading the broad shoulders.

"Dear Nathan," The voice caressed him again, "you are always there for the rest of us, for everyone in fact, giving care to all who need it, but who gives care to the care giver? In so far as I have seen, no one."

The hands massaging his shoulders were knowledgeable and skilled. They found and soothed every knot. It felt like heaven. Nathan couldn't remember ever having anyone give him a massage.

The silken voice continued, "But that must change, must it not? We are pack now and each member of the pack takes care of every other member of the pack, if I understood Mister Wilmington's explanation correctly."

Ezra fell silent but the strong, skilled hands continued their massage. After a long moment the gambler leaned forward and nuzzled the back of Nathan's head with his cheek, his voice a seductive whisper in Nathan's ear. "Come, my pack mate. Let me take care of you, tonight. I've a tub in my room and hot water to fill it. A bath will relax you. A massage will ease the tension in these fine muscles... and a talented tongue will attend to any other tension you may have."

His right hand glided down Nathan's back to his waist and around, as he shifted to slip out from behind Nathan, his right foot seeking and finding the step below the healer as the hand slithered between Nathan's legs to lightly caress the rapidly hardening shaft lying there. Elegant fingers danced lightly over the throbbing length.

A soft chuckle brushed his ear. "Five minutes. I'll be waiting."

Then Ezra was gone, a silent but graceful shadow flitting down the steps, vanishing into the darkness.

Nathan blinked and sat back, rolling his shoulders. Only his throbbing cock and the loosening of the tension that had drawn his shoulders tight gave evidence that the gambler had been there, that it had not been a figment of his imagination.

In the month and a half since the pack had formed, the group had all grown closer, but he had held back a bit, listening to Buck's explanations about pack life but still a bit uncertain if everything applied to him. He still felt a unsure.

He was the only black man among them. Would they truly welcome him into all the permutations of pack life? He was especially uncertain when it came to the sex.

True, Buck had lain with him, given himself to him, but that was essential to the formation of the pack. He scarcely dared believe that any of the others, these white men, would actually welcome him to their beds. Oh, Josiah would, of course, they had lain together a number of times before the formation of the pack... but the others?


He shook his head.

[Poor innocent kid. Probably near to died of embarrassment with Buck and he was the top man in that. No way would he be up for bein' bottom to the likes of me.]

Vin? [Man ain't got eyes for nobody but Chris.]

He snorted. Chris? [Not in this lifetime. Only way that man'd let another man be on top was iffn he was head over heels in love. Reckon I could handle the bottom but ain't what I want.] And Ezra?

[Damn gambler. Damn witch-eyed gambler.]

'You stay way from them green-eyed peoples. They's witches, they is.' The voice of the old slave woman that had taught him about herbs back on the plantation before he'd escaped echoed in his mind.

He sighed. Maybe she was right. He'd took one look at those witch's eyes and been lost. First time he'd seen the gambler he'd wanted to toss the sexy southerner over a table and mount him.

Never thought he'd have a chance.

But Ezra had come to him... unless he had imagined it.

He looked towards the saloon, noting the light in Ezra's window. It brightened suddenly as if someone had drawn back the curtain, looking out at the street.

Looking for someone? Looking for him?

His stomach tightened, his cock pulling up tight, straining against his pants leg at the thought of Ezra waiting impatiently for him, looking out the window to see what was keeping him.

He was on his feet moving towards the saloon without conscious thought.

Moments later he was standing in front of Ezra's door, suddenly hesitant again. He raised his hand to knock then lowered it again.

Suddenly the door was opened and Ezra reached out with a faintly annoyed but somehow slightly amused look on his face, and grabbed Nathan's arm hauling him into the room, closing and locking the door behind him.

Nathan stood frozen where Ezra had left him, looking around the room. The promised tub stood between the dresser and the bed, steam rising from it. He noted that the wall lamps had been turned completely off.

Ezra had moved a couple of small tables around so that one stood in front of each of the two windows. A small lamp stood on each, lit and turned down low but positioned so that they could move freely around the room without shadows falling across the windows.

He thought wryly that only Ezra Standish would think to make sure that no shadows gave away his movements to anyone who might look up at the windows of his room.

As the gambler moved back around to face him, he realized that Ezra had already removed his jacket and weapons. The realization that Ezra seemed even shorter than usual made him glance down and he saw that the gambler was barefoot.

"I was beginning to think you weren't coming," Ezra said as he reached up to remove the rig that held Nathan's knives, "then I realized that you have no watch."

He moved away, hanging the weapons on the right-hand bedpost.

Nathan followed the movement, excitement curling in his belly at the implications of where his weapons were placed. Maybe Ezra truly meant to allow him to share his bed this night.

The gambler returned, nimble fingers reaching to undo the buttons of Nathan's shirt, pulling it out of the pants and sliding it off Nathan's shoulders, folding it and laying it aside.

One elegant hand gestured towards a nearby chair. "Please sit, so that I may remove your boots."

Nathan obeyed, feeling disoriented. The whole scene seemed unreal. Ezra kneeling at his feet, lifting one foot to remove the boot and sock then the other before rising gracefully back to his feet.

He stood in front of Nathan, one sandy eyebrow cocked, a faint smile on his lips, "You must stand Mister Jackson, if I am to remove your pants."

Nathan blinked and stood, feeling the flush of embarrassment on his face and hoping that his dark skin hid it from Ezra, while the words 'remove your pants' echoed in his mind.

Then slender fingers were unbuttoning his pants and his breath caught in his throat. This was really happening. Ezra Standish was removing his, Nathan Jackson's, pants.

He stood like a statue as the coarse woven pants slid down his legs and pooled around his feet. His cock sprang clear and he heard Ezra gasp softly.


He looked up expecting to see trepidation in the emerald eyes, but Ezra was smiling. A soft pink tongue flicked out to lick the full lips.

"Oh, yes. What a marvelous... endowment." The voice was that intimate caress again. One hand reached towards him, "May I?" the question came in a breathless whisper.

He nodded mutely, still not quite believing that this was happening then Ezra's hand closed over his cock and he couldn't suppress a moan of pleasure.

It was like no touch he'd ever felt. The grip was firm but the slender fingers were smooth as silk, no calluses, no roughness at all. The few men he'd known had all had calluses, even the slave girls he'd fooled around with before his escape had had them. Not even the working girls he'd known had had skin so soft and smooth.

A smile curved Ezra's lips as he stepped back using his grip on Nathan's cock to lead him towards the tub. "Wonderful... but let's get us bathed, shall we?"

[Us?] Was Ezra planning to join him in the tub?

Nathan let him guide him to the tub and steady him as he stepped over the rim into the steaming water.

As he settled into the large tub, Ezra turned away going to the dresser.

"I have an assortment of soaps. I think you might like the sandalwood... or almond? Of course, if you prefer I have pine as well. It is good for the skin."

"Pine." He managed to say.

Ezra returned to lay the soap and a wash rag on the chair beside the tub. Towels hung on the back of the chair.

Then Nathan watched, stared rather, as Ezra calmly removed his shirt and pants and stepped into the tub, kneeling between Nathan's legs. Nathan was suddenly struck by the size difference between them. Ezra was so slender. Compared to Nathan he was like a teenage boy. An unbidden worry, snaked its way into Nathan's thoughts. He was so big... surely he would hurt the gambler if he took him. Then he remembered. [A tongue. Ezra said a talented tongue would take care of my other 'tensions'.]

Ezra reached outside the tub, picked up the rag, dunked it in the water, soaped it well and began to wash the healer.

Nathan could only sit and stare, mesmerized as Ezra gently and efficiently bathed him. He found himself relaxing in the hot water, lulled by the feeling of being cared for. He couldn't remember when he'd last had someone else bathe him. As far as he could remember, his mother had been the last person to do that for him and she had died when he was seven.

Ezra finished washing the top half and sat back, "Stand up."

Nathan stood looking down where Ezra knelt before him. The sight of the gambler on his knees in front of Nathan sent a thrill through him and his cock jerked, slapping against his belly.

Ezra chuckled, "Don't be impatient," he chided the eager organ, reaching up to give it a tender touch, "I'll get to you," he promised. But he washed down the powerful legs, front and back, first, reaching around to get the backs, then the feet before returning to wash the hairy sacs between Nathan's legs.

He dropped the rag into the water, soaping up his hands before reaching for the heavy balls. Slender fingers lathered and caressed, teasing the sacs before moving upwards to the steel-hard shaft. He washed it with firm strokes, skinning back the foreskin and washing the exposed head thoroughly. He took the rag from the water, rinsing it then dipping it to soak it before squeezing it out over the cock and balls to rinse them.

"Turn around," he murmured.

Nathan turned and Ezra washed his buttocks, slender fingers sending shivers through him as they glided across his anus. Then he was being told to sit back down, with his back to Ezra this time.

Ezra returned to using the rag to wash his back, but gentle fingers stroked along the whip scars there, tracing them as the other hand moved the rag about. No words were spoken though.

Ezra washed Nathan's hair last, tilting his head back and using the soap to lather it fingers massaging his scalp. He rinsed it by dipping the rag and squeezing it out, careful not to let the soapy water run in Nathan's eyes.

The rag dropped back into the water and Ezra's arms slipped around him, "All done. Step out and I'll be out to dry you in a moment."

Nathan obeyed, stepping out to find himself standing on a rug that he hadn't noticed when he got into the tub.

Ezra swiped the rag around himself making quick work of his own bath. He really didn't need to bathe having already had one bath earlier that day, but wanted to freshen up a bit since he planned to be intimate with the healer.

A moment later he joined Nathan on the rug and taking up a towel began to dry the other man. Nathan reached for the other towel and began returning the favor.

Ezra raised an eyebrow at him.

"Don't I get to touch?" Nathan asked with a smile.

The smile that blossomed across Ezra's face told him that he had said the right thing.

"As you wish." Ezra replied.

It wasn't long before they were moving to the bed.

Nathan hesitated once more.

Ezra chuckled. "Just lie down, Mister Jackson. I promise not to bite... unless, of course, you want me to."

Nathan laughed at that and rolled onto the bed, lying on his back, watching Ezra move around the room. There were several bottles of oil on the table by the bed as well as a small clay-pot warmer, the bottom holding a short candle beneath the upper cup where the oil would be placed to warm.

Ezra returned to the bedside table with a small towel in his hands. Laying it on the table he picked up one of the bottles of oil. "Do you have a preference, Mister Jackson? Almond perhaps, or vanilla?"

Nathan frowned.

Ezra sighed. "Pine? Or perhaps plain olive oil?"

"Ummm. Olive?"

"You have no imagination." Ezra said but picked up the bottle. "I personally like the vanilla. It tastes so much better when I'm licking it off."

Nathan chuckled, "Vanilla then. Reckon I like the idea of ya lickin' it off."

Ezra beamed at him and set the bottle he had picked up down, selecting another.

He poured some of it into the warmer and a moment later the sweet aroma of vanilla began to fill the air.

"It will only take a moment to warm. We don't want it too hot." He sank to sit on the bed beside Nathan, completely at ease in his nakedness. His hand wandered to stroke across the healer's broad chest. "Thank you," he said quietly.

Nathan raised an eyebrow. "Reckon I oughta thank you."

Ezra shook his head. "Not at all. I find that bathing together tends to reduce the awkwardness of a first encounter... and I am the one that wanted this." His hand slid down to close around Nathan's hard shaft, pumping it slowly.

Nathan let his eyes drift closed in pleasure. "Ya sure ya want it?"

"Absolutely." Ezra's voice was slightly amused. "I like big men... with big cocks," his hands moved to cup one of the large hairy sacs rolling it between nimble fingers, "and large, heavy balls."

Nathan nodded then asked, "That first day...."

Ezra laughed out loud. "Oh, Nathan! When you walked into that bar I had this blinding vision of myself, tripping you onto the floor, ripping your pants off, and swallowing this lovely shaft, right there in front of everyone. It took me most of the night to regain enough control to convince myself that I could ride with you without going berserk and actually doing it. In time, I pushed it back to a vague longing in the back of my mind, something that I took out and thought about only when alone with my thoughts. Then we became pack mates and the more Mister Wilmington told us, the more hope blossomed that I might be able to actually fulfill that desire."

He slipped off the bed with a smile and tested the warming oil with a finger. He bent to blow out the candle in the warmer before saying, "Turn over. I'll massage your back first."

Nathan obeyed after only the tiniest hesitation.

Ezra gazed down at him fondly before pouring some of the oil into his hands and rubbing them together. He moved back on to the bed.

"Just relax, Nathan. I shall sit across your thighs," he suited action to words and sat straddle Nathan's thighs, "it will make it easier to give you the massage."

His hands settled at Nathan's waist then slid upwards, his thumbs gliding along either side of Nathan's spine, his fingers spread out to smooth along the broad back. He stretched upwards until his thumbs glided up Nathan's neck and his fingers curled over the broad shoulders then retreated back the way he'd come.

At the bottom of the long caress he paused, bent and pressed a soft kiss to the base of Nathan's spine then he was stretching upwards again.

Nathan's thighs were slightly spread. His hard shaft was trapped beneath him, rubbing against the bed covers as Ezra's firm strokes shifted him on the bed. His balls lay in the opening between his thighs and each time Ezra sat back, Ezra's balls pressed down on them lightly as his main weight settled on the back of Nathan's thighs. As Ezra slid forwards, leaning over the larger man, his abdomen pressed against Nathan's buttocks and his hard shaft pressed along the crack of Nathan's ass, not probing at the anus but sliding across it in a tantalizing touch of silken flesh that built a slow fire in Nathan's belly.

Ezra repeated the motion once, twice, three times, then when his hands reached Nathan's shoulders on the fourth stroke he paused, remained leaned over the broad back, working his thumbs into the tense muscles of the thick neck while his fingers rested lightly on the shoulders. He worked his way outwards, kneading the shoulder muscles until Nathan gave a soft moan that was half pleasure at the incredible massage and half protest at the loss of motion where Ezra's cock lay pressed along the crack between his buttocks.

Unconsciously Nathan raised his hips and lowered them again, rubbing himself against that marvelous velvety-skinned hardness that lay so close against him.

Ezra chuckled and slid away, withdrawing to sit back on Nathan's thighs. "Patience, dear Nathan, I have scarcely begun. Tonight, my friend, you will know pleasure such as you have never imagined existed."

He bent to the side dipping his fingers in the warm oil again. Then he slid back a bit, moving down the strong thighs to sit on Nathan's knees. He rubbed his hands together and then began to firmly knead the muscles of Nathan's buttocks. He let his hand glide slickly along Nathan's crack, caressing him intimately. Then he returned to kneading the buttocks.

Nathan sighed beneath him, relaxing at the firm, knowledgeable touch.


Then Ezra's hands gripped Nathan's cheeks firmly, spreading them and he bent forwards, his tongue darting out.

Nathan's eyes popped wide open. He nearly came completely off the bed, his body jerking as if he'd been struck by lightening.

Wha--! Oh, god! It wasn't possible! But it felt like... oh Lord! Ezra was tonguing his ass hole!

He found himself pushing back to get more of that touch. He couldn't quite believe what was happening but he couldn't resist it either. He struggled up to his knees, pushing his buttocks back into Ezra's face.

Whimpering. He knew he'd never made such sounds before, but oh, God! nobody had ever done this to him before either.

Ezra rode Nathan's involuntary movements easily, sliding back to sit on the big man's ankles, his tongue never leaving the tight pucker he was laving. He licked, kissed, lapped and finally, reaching one hand around to grasp Nathan's cock as he did so, he began to thrust his tongue in and out of the musky hole.

Nathan came with a shout that turned into a howl. Spurt after spurt of thick white cum shot from his cock, coating Ezra's hand, splattering against Nathan's chest, and dripping down on the bed.

With a sobbing whimper, Nathan collapsed face down on the bed, the intensity of the climax turning his limbs to water.

Ezra went with him, lying for a moment with his face buried against Nathan's back and his hand trapped under the big healer. He lay there a few seconds, panting, then slowly pulled his hand out from under Nathan and rolled off the healer. Bringing the hand to his lips, he licked at the cum.

Tangy. Spicy. Exotic, like the man it came from. He could get used to the taste.

He snuggled close against Nathan and waited for the man to come around, letting one hand idly stroke up and down the healer's back as he waited.

It was nice, so nice to be snuggled against this big, strong man.

After a long few minutes, Nathan slowly roused. First a slight tremor went through the big body. Then he groggily turned his head towards the warm presence pressed along his side. Finally one dark, eye cracked open to look blearily at the man plastered to him.

Ezra drew back slightly, just enough to meet Nathan's gaze and smile at him.

"Damn." Nathan grinned, "that 'bout kilt me, Ez."

Ezra grinned at him, wicked, witch eyes shining, "Oh, no, Mister Jackson. You can't die yet... I'm not done with you."

"Ya mean there's more?"

Ezra laughed, "Oh, yes. Oh, yes, indeed... much more... but I suppose I could let you rest just a bit. Why don't you do your resting in the rocking chair while I remove this soiled spread and turn down the bed? I hate lying in the wet spot and I've no doubt that you do as well."

Nathan nodded, crawling off the bed and stumbling to the chair. His knees still felt weak. He watched as Ezra removed the bedspread and turned back the other covers.

He was struck again at how strange it seemed. Here he was, a black ex-slave, sitting naked in a rocking chair watching while a 'white southern gentleman' [Make that a 'naked white southern gentleman.'] played servant to him. Not only that but the same white southern gentleman had just licked his ass out. Done it of his own accord, [I sure as hell woulda never had the nerve ta ask him to!] done it willingly and done a damn fine job of it.

Ezra finished with the bed and came to stand in front of him, reaching out to pull him to his feet. Instead Nathan pulled him down to kneel in front of him. "Why, Ezra? Why ya doin' this?" He asked softly.

"Because I want to... because I finally can." Ezra answered.

"Don't understand. Why'd ya want to? A fine white southern gentleman... a black ex-slave... why?"

"Surely you know that I am no gentleman, Mister Jackson, fine, southern or any other kind. I only pretend to be. For all our airs, Mother and I are poor white trash, born and bred. I'm the bastard son of a disgraced daughter of a poor relation to a proud southern family. Oh, they did their Christian duty when Mother would drop me off with them, feeding me, clothing me and making damn sure that I knew I was dirt beneath their feet."

He gave a derisive snort. "I was taught to suck cock by the father of one of those fine Christian families when he decided that I should earn my keep. And since his wife was in the midst of a difficult pregnancy and the doctor had forbidden him to have relations with her, lest she lose the child he so desperately wanted, he decided I would be the one to attend to his needs."

His face twisted in a look of anger and disgust. "Soon, my mouth was not enough to satisfy him. I've not been a virgin since I was twelve."

Nathan's head dropped. It had never occurred to him that Ezra had been anything but a spoiled rich southerner.

Ezra laughed. "It's all right, Nathan. The worse part about it was the discovery that I liked being fucked. I nearly died of the shame of that realization... then I accepted it. After that, the greatest difficulty came to be finding someone who would fuck me without hurting me or beating me or exposing my need."

He drew Nathan's hand to his lips and kissed it. "I desired you from the beginning but I was afraid... afraid of being hurt. Then I came to know you and realized that you are the kindest, gentlest man I have ever known. You would never hurt me, Nathan. Please, please say we may continue."

Nathan looked down into the pleading green eyes and smiled softly. Moving the hand that Ezra still held he cupped the gambler's cheek, caressing it gently. His other hand reached out to stroke through the dark curls.

Ezra's eyes drifted closed in pleasure at the caress.

"Yer so beautiful. I wanted ya, first time I saw ya... wanted ta just dump ya over a table and take ya."

"Then do it. Take me. You may ask anything of me that you desire. I give myself to you, my hands, my mouth, my ass, every inch of me is yours to use as you will. I ache with wanting you inside me."

"I'm too big. I'd hurt you."

"No. You won't. We'll use a lot of oil. Let me be on top. Let me take you in, when I am fully seated, and have adjusted to your size, then you may thrust. I want, I need, to feel your strength and power. You have no idea how long I've waited to find someone that I could trust, someone large enough to satisfy my need to be filled completely and patient enough to take the time to prepare me so that I can revel in being taken."

"Yer sure? Ya really want me?"

Ezra gazed up at him, and drew the hand back to his lips to kiss it again. "More than I have ever wanted anything in my life." He voice dropped, became a husky whisper, "I beg you, Nathan, come back to bed. Take me. Make me yours."

He bowed his head. Still holding Nathan's hand, he pressed his forehead to the back of it.

Nathan couldn't help the thrill that went through him at the sight of Ezra kneeling submissively at his feet, pleading with him to take him. Nor could he resist the offer.

He drew his hand up and Ezra's head rose, his gaze following the hand.

Nathan stood, rising above the kneeling gambler, the movement bringing his groin right into Ezra's face.

Nathan's other hand cupped the back of Ezra's head and pressed Ezra's face into the nest of dark curls.

Ezra moaned and nuzzled them, breathing deeply, taking in Nathan's scent.

For a moment they remained like that, then Nathan drew Ezra to his feet.

"Come on." He nudged him towards the bed.

Ezra went eagerly, crawling to the center of the bed then slightly forward toward the head, remaining on his hands and knees. He glanced back over his shoulder at Nathan, anticipation shining in his eyes.

"You do know how to prepare me, don't you?" He asked breathlessly.

"Oh, yeah." Nathan smiled at him, crawling on the bed and reaching over to dip his fingers in the warm oil still sitting on the bedside table.

He dripped oil along Ezra's crack then trailed one long finger up and down it, smiling as the gambler rubbed himself on it trying to capture it.

After a moment he moved the tip to the puckered opening and guided it around it, moving with Ezra when he tried to push back and capture it. The other hand came to rest on Ezra's hip, holding him still as Nathan slowly worked the finger past the tight ring of muscle and slid it in all the way to last joint.

Ezra moaned a low sound of pleasure.

Nathan grinned, delighting in the responsiveness of the other man. He worked the finger around inside, twisting and turning it. Then he found the hard nub of the gland and brushed across it.

Ezra cried out in pleasure and jerked his hips, pushing back so suddenly and strongly that the light pressure of Nathan's hand on his hip couldn't hold him.

Nathan's hand slipped, sliding up to the narrow waist as Ezra drove backwards. He let it remain there a moment, letting Ezra impale himself on the long finger for a moment, watching the hips undulate, twisting and turning as Ezra pleasured himself on Nathan's finger.

After a moment he moved his hand back to Ezra's hip and withdrew the finger.

Ezra whimpered in protest and his hips bounced. His thighs spread wider, he arched his back and wiggled his hips in a wordless plea for more.

Nathan gathered more oil on his hand and stroked up and down the crack again before carefully working two fingers inside the tight passage. He scissored them, stretching the muscle.

Soon he was working a third finger in beside the second and Ezra was moaning continually, pushing back to meet the fingers, his hips working in a wanton display of need.

"Please take me. Now. Nathan, please." He begged.

"Not yet. I'm bigger'n ya think. Gonna work ya up ta four fingers first."

"Hurry... hurry... I need you... please...." Ezra tried to shuffle back on the bed, trying to reach the cock he so wanted in him.

"Easy, Ez, easy. Won't be long. Ain't gonna hurt ya. One more finger," He worked it in as he said the words and began to turn the whole hand stretching the now much loosened muscle even more.

Ezra gave a sudden shudder and cried out.

Nathan paused then realized that Ezra had come, had climaxed from being prepared.

As the gambler slumped, Nathan, knowing that Ezra wouldn't get any more relaxed than he was at that moment, pulled him back and pressed just the head of his cock inside the stretched ring of muscle.

As Ezra slowly recovered from his climax he realized that he had the head of Nathan's cock inside him and rose up slowly back to his hands and knees.

Nathan's hands gripped his waist. "Easy. Take it slow. Push back real slow."

"Hold... hold your cock... keep it lined up." Ezra panted.

Nathan dropped one hand back to do as he was told, keeping the other firmly on Ezra's waist to make sure the gambler didn't try and take too much at once.

Slowly Ezra pushed back, rocked forward a bit then pushed back again. Each time he took a bit more of the long, thick, black cock into him.

Nathan watched in fascination as gradually the entire length of his cock disappeared between the smooth, milky white globes of Ezra's buttocks.

Then finally it was all in.

Ezra make a sound between a sigh and a sob and reached back to wrap Nathan arm around his waist as he straightened and leaned back coming to rest sitting on Nathan's lap... sitting on his cock.

He leaned his head back against Nathan's shoulder and turned his face towards the healer.

Nathan looked down at him, reaching up to wipe away a tear that ran silently down his face. "Yer cryin'. Ya all right?"

"Better than I've ever been. Good. So good," Ezra whispered, his voice choked up. "I'm full... completely full and it doesn't hurt. So good. It's so good." Silent tears continued to run down his face. After a moment he said, "Rock me, Nathan. Rock me."

Nathan slowly rocked them forward, then back, moaning softly at the movement of his cock inside the tight channel. Gradually he increased the distance forward and back, then increased the speed.

Soon his cock was sliding easily in the now well-stretched passage.

On one of the forward rocks, Ezra shifted going back to his hands and knees. "Now!" he gasped, "Now! Fuck me Nathan!"

Nathan released his hold, unwrapping his arms from around Ezra's waist, and rose up over him, pushing Ezra's thighs even wider apart than ever and grasping the narrow hips in his large hands. He drew back, pulling his cock out until only the head remained in then plunged back in.

Ezra came back to meet him and they set a savage rhythm, Nathan grunting with every powerful stroke into the pliant body beneath him, Ezra howling into the pillow he had buried his face in.

Ezra came first, shrieking Nathan's name into the pillow he was practically chewing on.

The spasming of Ezra's channel around Nathan's cock and the frantically twisting, churning movement of his hips pulled Nathan over the edge after him and the bigger man froze, buried to the balls as he emptied his seed into the clutching tunnel.

He collapsed forward, just managing to catch himself on shaking arms before he crushed the smaller man beneath him. He bent over Ezra gasping for breath. "Minute." He gasped. "Get off in a minute."

"No... no... don't leave me..."

"Not leavin'," Nathan reassured him, "just gonna pull out..."

"No," Ezra whimpered again, "please..."

It slowly registered that what Ezra was saying was he didn't want Nathan to pull out. He nodded, still panting for breath, not thinking about the fact that Ezra couldn't see the nod. After a moment more, he wrapped one arm snugly around the gambler's small waist and flopped to the side taking Ezra with him so that his cock remained buried in the gambler.

Ezra murmured something that could have been his name and lay limp in Nathan's arms.

The healer sighed and cuddled him close. After his breathing and heart rate returned to normal Nathan raised his head looking for the covers. They were down around his knees. He struggled to get hold of them with one hand while keeping the gambler snugged up against him with the other.

As he wrapped the covers around them, he noticed the wet spot where Ezra had come. Damned if he was getting up and change the sheets. Damned gambler had just about kilt him. They'd just have to sleep on one side of the bed... and if Ezra rolled over in the wet spot, it wouldn't be his fault. He wrapped the other arm around the gambler's waist and held on tight, burying his nose in the gambler's hair.

Nope, wouldn't be his fault if Ezra rolled over into the wet spot. He was holding on tight.


JD, Chris, Vin, Josiah and Buck looked up from the table where they were enjoying their breakfast at the sound of someone trotting down the stairs from the second floor of the saloon.

All five blinked at the sight they beheld.

Ezra Standish, resplendent in a snowy white shirt, green brocade silk vest shot through with silver threads, highly polished black boots and black pin-stripe pants with his gunbelt and Remington revolver hanging low over them, practically danced down the steps. His cravat was neatly tied with an emerald pin stuck through it and a matching bright green jacket was tossed over his arm. He wore a grin that showed his gold premolar off and seemed to be absolutely bursting with energy.

He waltzed over to the table, shrugging into his coat as he came and flung himself into a chair.

Inez had come out of the kitchen with a pot of coffee to refresh the other's cups and now stood staring at the man in disbelief.

He turned to look at her, beaming broadly. "My dear Miss Rocillios, might I possibly prevail upon you to bring me some breakfast? I am absolutely famished this morning!"

Every mouth at the table dropped open.

Ezra Standish *never* ate breakfast. Coffee? Maybe, if you could drag him out of the bed and pour it down him, but breakfast... never! And he was up at sunrise.

Chris stood up and went to look out the door at the rising sun. He came and sat back down.

Josiah raised an eyebrow at him.

"It's sunrise all right."

Vin leaned forward and peered at Ezra. "He's awake. Eyes 're open an' ever thin'."

JD stared from one to the other in confusion. True it was unusual for Ezra to be up this early... unless some one had dragged him out of the bed.... Well, unheard of really... but it was okay, wasn't it?

Inez reappeared with a huge plate of bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy, sitting it down in front of the gambler.

And Ezra dug into it like a starving man.

Josiah watched him shoveling the food down for several minutes then stood up, "All right that does it! Who are you and what have you done with my boy?"

"Oh, calm down, Mister Sanchez. I simply had a very stimulating night." His grin grew wide again. "A very stimulating night, indeed, and I require nourishment. That is all." He jumped to his feet, "Now. I must go on patrol."

Buck leaned forwards across the table and sniffed. His eyebrows rose and he glanced at the stairs with a speculative look on his face.

Chris grabbed Ezra's arm as he went by and snapped. "Nathan has the morning patrol." Ezra laughed a sound of pure delight. "Oh, he did but I'm taking it for him. He's rather exhausted this morning."

"What?!!" Four voices chorused as Ezra pulled loose from Chris' hand and waltzed towards the door.

As Ezra stepped out onto the sunlit porch, Buck began to laugh, a deep-throated, full-bellied laugh.

The others stared at him. When he finally wound down he climbed to his feet, still chuckling and headed up the stairs.

Curious, the others followed.

Buck strode to Ezra's room and carefully tried the door. It opened under his hand and he pushed it open, a grin lighting his face.

He chuckled again.

Chris, Vin and Josiah pushed in behind him. JD brought up the rear.

There sprawled across Ezra's bed, in all his glory lay Nathan Jackson, naked as the day he was born and reeking of sex so strongly that even the one-bloods could smell it.

He was grinning in his sleep. He never even stirred as they stared at him for a long moment then carefully backed out of the room and closed the door.

Buck clapped Josiah on the shoulder. "Looks like Brother Ezra and Brother Nathan have discovered the joys of pack life." He grinned broadly.

Vin and Chris traded grins. They had had a stimulating night as well.

JD followed the others, his brow furrowed in thought. He knew that Buck had let them all have sex with him. The thought of what he and Buck had done still embarrassed the hell out of him, but that had been necessary to form the pack. Buck had explained that.

But Nathan and Ezra... there wasn't any reason for them to... to do *that*... except that they... he struggled to find a words other than 'wanted to' and failed. They wanted to. They had wanted to and they had done... it... that. Ezra had looked on top of the world this morning... and Nate, he looked exhausted but happy.

He looked up at the men ahead of him. Buck's hand still rested on Josiah's shoulder and they were sort of leaning towards each other. Chris had his hand resting lightly on Vin's back just above the waist and Vin was leaning towards him.

Nathan and Ezra... he shook his head it just seemed so unlikely, but there it was.

Was he missing out on something?

The end

and yes, I am planning on, poor sweet JD discovering the Joys of pack Life. it may be a while yet though as I am now working trying to finish "The Guardian" my V/E OW Sentinel AU story that I have had several recent requests to finish.

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