Everything on this page is fiction. Any resemblance or reference to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Ladykillers: Interlude: A Stolen Moment
By Starwinder

Note: The scene between Casey and Ezra, beginning when Casey enters the saloon and ending with Ezra asking "What just happened here?", is lifted whole from the episode Ladykillers.

Casey Wells entered the saloon and stopped in front of the table where Ezra Standish was sitting sprawled out with a glass of whiskey in his hand. Swaying to the beat of the music coming from the piano she said, "You sure look handsome today, Ezra."

Ezra looked up somewhat puzzled, "Why, thank you, Casey," he said politely, not certain what was going on.

Casey continued, "Fact, I always thought you were the handsomest of all the seven."

"...And I always thought you were a very perceptive young lady." He tried to wrap his mind around where she might be going with this line of conversation.

She hesitated, swaying enticingly, "Um, you think I'm pretty?

That he knew how to answer, you always told a lady she was pretty. "As a picture."

"Good, 'cause I was wondering if you wanted to go to the livery stable with me, sow some wild oats."

Ezra damn near choked on that one. "Uh, my darling girl!"

"If you're worried about JD shootin' you or something, it doesn't matter. Him and me are through. Come on."

"I- I- I'm, uh, sorry to hear that, but, unfortunately, that does not relieve me of my obligation." He stammered. [My God! Why do these things happen to me?]

"What obligation?"

"To the, uh, the--the... the brotherhood... of man. Uh, you see there's an unspoken rule which states that one must observe a waiting period before--before... courting a friend's former paramour."

"I'll bet that waiting period would be about 2 minutes, if you wanted." She snapped and stormed out, almost knocking Vin down with the batwing door as she exited.

"Ow! Oooh!" Vin moaned, rubbing his arm in its sling where the door had hit it. Crossing to stand near Ezra he chuckled, "Well done, Ezra."

Ezra gave him a puzzled look, "What just happened there?"

Vin grinned and inclined his head towards the stairs, indicating that a little privacy would be in order.

Ezra rose and led the way up to his room. As the door closed behind them Ezra turned back to Vin, "Well?"

"Casey caught JD with that lady bounty hunter in the stables."

"I know that."

"Well I found her in the hayloft cryin' and she sorta asked me why he'd do that and I made the mistake of sayin' that maybe he was just sowing some wild oats..."

"So she decided to sow some of her own... but why me?"

"Well when I said no...."

"She asked you first!" Fire sparked in the depths of the gambler's green eyes.

"Now don't go gettin' all worked up, Ez. I was just handy, so ta speak."

"How did you escape her clutches?"

Vin raised the arm in its sling. "I... uh... well, hell, Ez, I couldn't tell her I'd rather sow my wild oats with you, now could I?"

"Wild oats, Mister Tanner?" The gambler took a predatory step towards the tracker, backing him up against the door. "I thought we were cultivating those oats. Planting them quite carefully... looking forward to a fruitful harvest."

He pinned the tracker against the door, careful of his injured arm but making as much contact bodily as possible. He leaned in and brushed his lips across Vin's. One hand dropped to glide down the tracker's side, across his hip and brush gently across his cock. The other raised to tangle in the long waves of the tracker's hair.

Vin moaned.

"Did she get you all turned on?" Ezra murmured into the ear whose lobe he was nibbling at. His other hand toyed with Vin's hair.

"No." Vin gasped, turning his head into the hand in his hair, trembling from the warm breath caressing his ear. "Ya did."

"Good." Ezra moved back to claim Vin's lips again his tongue quickly delving into the sweet cavern as Vin parted his lips. He moaned as Vin began to suck on his tongue.

After a moment he broke the kiss and slowly sank to his knees, nipping at Vin's chest and stomach through his shirt as he made his way downward. When he was on his knees between Vin's spread feet, his nimble fingers made quick work of opening the tracker's pants.

Slender fingers closed around the turgid cock and pulled it free from the restraining fabric.

At Vin's moan of pleasure, Ezra looked up, a smirk gracing his lips. Vin was leaned back against the door, his head tilted down, looking at Ezra with heavy lidded eyes, dark with need.

Ezra licked his lips in the gesture he knew Vin liked, the one that said, 'Oh, that looks so tasty.'

Vin moaned again and reached out to caress Ezra's hair with the hand that wasn't restricted by the sling he wore. "Please," he whispered.

Ezra's smirk turned into a grin and he leaned forward, carefully licking the head of Vin's cock. He drew the foreskin down and slowly ran his tongue around the flared head, tracing the crown.

Vin's knees went weak and he had to lock them to keep from falling. "Oh, God! Ez!"

The gambler chuckled and slowly deep throated him, taking the shaft all the way to the base. He loved the way Vin tasted... sweet, tangy, musky... delicious. He loved the feel of Vin's cock in his mouth... so firm yet so velvety soft.

He set a steady rhythm, knowing that they couldn't be unavailable too long. He didn't want anyone to come looking for them. Aside from Nathan they were the only peacekeepers in town.

As Vin's moans increased and Ezra knew he was getting close, he began to hum, knowing that would be all it took to push his lover over the edge.

Vin's hand tightened in his hair and he cried out softly, "Ezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!" as he came. His knees buckled and he slid down the door to sit in a crumpled heap on the floor.

Ezra stayed with him, keeping his mouth wrapped around Vin's cock until he had swallowed every drop of Vin's cum, then he sat up, smiling at his lover.

Vin's grip on his hair turned into a caress as he pulled the gambler into a kiss.

Ezra snuggled into him, leaning into his uninjured side, resting against him.

"Love ya, Ez." He whispered softly.

"Love you, Vin." Ezra replied quietly.

They remained where they were a moment longer. Then Ezra stirred and slowly stood holding out a hand to help Vin up. "We really should be getting back downstairs."

"Yeah." Vin said and reached to start tucking his cock away. It was awkward with one hand.

Ezra smiled at him and pushing his hand out of the way, carefully tucked it back in and buttoned the pants, straightening Vin's clothes. "You go ahead, I need to brush my teeth."

Vin drew him close for another kiss, "I like tasting myself on ya." He whispered as he released him.

"Yes... but I think it prudent that no one else smell you on my breath." Ezra replied.


"For what?"

"Don't like havin' ta hide our love. Wish I could give ya more than stolen moments... more'n this..."

"Mister Tanner, I would take a moment stolen with you over a year with any other. You are the one I love. You love me... and ask nothing in return save that I love you. You have no idea what a wondrous gift that is... to be accepted and loved... just as I am. You don't want to save my soul, or change my wicked ways or make me a better man. You only want to love me... just as I am."

Vin smiled at him. "I kinda like yer wicked ways. Wouldn't be near as much fun iffn ya was all pious and respectable."

Ezra chuckled, "Likewise, Mister Tanner. I have grown very fond of your wicked ways." He flashed Vin his dimpled smile. "Now, you really must go."

He gently tugged Vin away from the door and cracked it looking up and down the hall before opening it wider and giving his lover a gentle nudge out it.

As the door closed behind Vin, he leaned against it and sighed. He too would prefer not to have to hide but there was nothing for it. They dared not let their secret be known.

Vin stood a moment in the hall staring at the closed door then turned and walked slowly away. Someday... someday he'd figure out a way to give the man he loved more than a few stolen moments.

The End

Everything on this page is fiction. Any resemblance or reference to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.