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Well, here is the last of the bribery fic I promised Tex. I did mention a new AU that I am working on how ever it is nowhere near ready for see public view. (Indy, send me your e-mail addy off list and Ill let you peep in exchange for an honest opinion on the premise. Still have a lot of work to do on it)

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3) RATING: NC-17
4) PAIRING: Ezra/Vin, Ezra/Vin/Chris
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Fandom: Magnificent Seven
Title: "Don We Now Our Gay Apparel" (Sequel to 'Tis The Season to be...)
Author: Starwinder
Warnings: Explicit m/m sex

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel
By Starwinder

Chris Larabee stood grinning as he looked down at the two men occupying his king-sized bed. He was hard put to decide which one of them was the more gorgeous, the firmly muscled green-eyed man with the mischievous, gold-touched smile or the long-haired, blue-eyed one with the shy smile. Then he decided that it really didn't matter.

They were both here, both naked in his bed and his for the taking on this Christmas Eve night. He couldn't think of anything he'd rather have. He'd dreamed of them both but never really thought of having them together until they had made the offer. He was still stunned by the loving they had lavished on him in the den. Now it was his turn.

Ezra lay face down, looking at him over his shoulder as Vin prepared him for Chris.

He didn't think he'd ever seen a more erotic sight in his life than what he was looking at now.

Ezra's eyes kept drifting closed in pleasure as Vin dipped his fingers into the crack of his ass and eased them into his anus, working lube into the snug opening, stretching it for Chris' cock. Ezra moaned, raising his hips, pushing back impaling himself on the fingers.

Chris licked his lips and moved closer for a better view.

Ezra's eyes opened again, his gaze coming to rest on Chris' cock. His tongue flicked out licking his lips. He stretched his head towards Chris, the tongue flicking out again.

Chris moved onto the bed, holding his rigid cock, down and away from his belly, letting the eager tongue lick across the head, but pulling it back when Ezra tried to take it in his mouth. One thing he had already learned tonight was that Ezra Standish was quite possibly the best cocksucker he had ever encountered. If he let the man get his mouth on his cock again, he wouldn't get to fuck him and he desperately wanted to feel that tight channel around his cock.

Ezra whimpered when Chris pulled back and turned pleading eyes up at him.

"Sorry. I'm not as young as you two. Doubt I've got more than one more round in me. So if you want me inside, I can't let you suck me again. You do want me inside, don't you?"

"Yes. Oh, yes." Ezra pleaded, breathlessly. "Please. Now. I'm ready... please."

Chris looked at Vin who nodded to confirm that Ezra was lubed and stretched.

Chris bent to kiss Ezra gently before moving behind him on the bed. Vin lay back on the bed, his gaze fixed on Chris, as the blonde-haired man positioned himself behind their lover and placed the head of his cock against Ezra's entrance.

Ezra moaned and pressed back. "Please," he begged. "Take me, Chris, please. Take me hard!"

Chris lunged forward, burying half his length in the other man, as if all he had been waiting for was to hear Ezra say his name, to confirm that Ezra knew who was taking him and that he wanted Chris to do it.

God! Ezra was tight.

Chris had never felt anything like it. He'd thought about it, dreamed about it, but the most he'd ever done before this night was hands and mouths. He hadn't even imagined it could feel this good. He drew back and plunged forward again, working his cock in the tight passage until he was buried to the balls.

He leaned over Ezra's back, pausing a minute to keep from coming. Good Lord!

Ezra's passage seemed to ripple around him, as Ezra moaned and strained back against him.

"Easy, Ez, Easy. I'm gonna come, if you keep doing that."

Ezra stilled, forcing himself to stop pushing back although he wanted to desperately. He wanted Chris to pound into him and let him slam back to meet him.

After a long few minutes that seemed like forever to Ezra, Chris began to move, rapidly gaining speed, slamming into him with powerful strokes, just the way Ezra had wanted, each stroke slamming into his prostrate, sending blinding flashes of pleasure through him.

"Yes! Oh, god Yes!' He cried. "That's so good... so good..."

He braced himself, meeting every thrust into him by shoving back. He gasped and moaned almost incoherent.

Vin watched. His own breath coming in short gasps as Chris pounded into his lover and Ezra eagerly responded. His own cock was painfully hard and he grasped it, pumping it in time with Chris' thrusts into Ezra.

Ezra's eyes turned to him and he shifted going down bracing on his shoulders as he reached out to grab for Vin's cock, trying to pull it to him, guide it into his mouth.

Vin shifted to give it to him.

Ezra shifted back up onto his hands as Vin thrust into his mouth forcing his cock down Ezra's throat.

He quivered as they rocked him between them, first Chris' cock buried to the balls in his ass as Chris pulled him back off Vin's cock, then Vin's cock buried to the balls in his throat as Chris pushed him forwards and withdrew from him.

Vin came first, spilling his seed down Ezra's throat and falling back exhausted. Then Ezra came, whimpering and jerking, his channel spasming around Chris just as Chris gave a couple of last hard, short thrusts and filled Ezra's hot channel with his seed.

Ezra collapsed into a limp heap on the bed, Chris covering him for a moment until the older man found the strength to pull out of him and roll to the side.

For several moments the only sound was of harsh breathing as the three men slowly regained their breath.

Vin shifted to lie beside Ezra, slipping an arm around his waist. "Ya okay, Baby?"

"Yes." Ezra was still breathing hard though. "That was... was incredible."

Chris shifted to lie on his side facing Ezra. "Incredible... barely covers it." He smoothed back the sweat damped hair and leaned in for a kiss. "You were..." a slow smile spread across his face, "... magnificent."

Vin chuckled. "Yep. You was, Baby." He leaned in to kiss behind Ezra's ear.

Ezra just murmured sleepily.

Chris' eyes met Vin's, "Think we wore him out?"

"For now."

Chris looked back down at Ezra smiling tenderly. "I'll go get something to clean us up with. You just stay here."

He rose from the bed and headed for the bathroom. As he wet a rag under the faucet it occurred to him that in a way he had lost two forms of virginity tonight. One to each of his new lovers, Vin had been the first man he'd ever let take him and Ezra had been the first man he had ever taken. In a strange way it pleased him that he had been able to give them each something that no one else had ever had from him.

While Chris was in the bathroom Ezra stirred, "Vin?"

"Yeah, Baby?"

"I left yours and Chris' presents in the car trunk, along with a package for me. You'll probably be up first in the morning, would you bring them in? I want us to wear them tomorrow."

"Sure, Baby." Vin promised and tugged him around to kiss him again.

"Love you." Ezra murmured.

"Love you, too, Baby." Vin replied.


Christmas had always been just another day for Vin Tanner and he woke at the crack of dawn just like always, but this Christmas morning was different.

This morning he woke to the warm body of his lover snuggled tight against him and the soft snores of their other lover coming from Ezra's other side where Chris lay wrapped around the smaller man.

Hell, as much as Ezra hated the cold, he was probably in heaven, with the two of them wrapped around him like a living blanket.

Vin grinned at the thought as he slowly unentangled himself from Ezra and slipped out of the bed. He heard Chris' snores break and turned back to see his boss' green eyes watching him.

"Ez left something in the car. Wanted me to bring it in first thing."

Chris started to wiggle out from under the covers to get up as well but Ezra made a sound of protest and started rooting around.

"Better stay. Ya know how foul-tempered he can be, if you wake him up before he's ready. I'll check on the horses while I'm out and put some coffee on. When I get back we'll see about untangling you."

Chris gave a small snort of a laugh but he made no more effort to get up.

He could smell the coffee but Vin had yet returned when, Ezra began to move around and finally one green eye cracked open.

Chuckling, Chris gathered him close and leaned down to kiss him. "Come on sleepyhead, let me see both of those pretty green eyes. It's Christmas morning."

Ezra snuggled closer then slowly opened his eyes and looked shyly up at Chris.

The older man had to grin, how Ezra could be shy now when he'd been so wanton the night before he didn't know, yet he found it endearing. He bent his head and placed kisses across the upturned face, forehead, eyes, nose, lips, then drew back to say, "Good morning, Beautiful."

"Good morning... Mister Larabee." Ezra smiled shyly again, ducking his head.

Chris rolled over on top of him, "Ezra, Ezra, Ezra, what am I going to do with you? My name is Chris." Then his fingers found Ezra's ribs and the younger man was screaming with laughter.

Vin came running in then stopped at the foot of the bed and laughed too as he realized that their boss was tickling his lover into a breathless frenzy.

"Uncle! Uncle! Please I give up!" Ezra gasped.

Chris leaned back but kept the smaller man trapped under him. "And my name is...."

"Chris. Your name is Chris." Ezra gasped.

Chris leaned down to kiss him soundly. When he pulled back he said, "That's right, and don't forget it. I'm only Mister Larabee at work, understood?"

"Yes, sir... Chris." Ezra grinned at him and gave him a shove to get him to move off him.

When Chris had risen, Ezra looked at Vin, "Did you bring the presents in?"

"Course. They're on the kitchen table."

"Good." Ezra tossed back the covers and stood up. "I'm going to shower then you and..." he cast a coy look at their boss, "Chris can open your presents from me."


Several hours later


Buck Wilmington trotted up the path from the parking area to the back porch of Chris Larabee's ranch house behind JD Dunne. Both had their arms full of presents. Nathan Jackson and Josiah Sanchez followed at a more leisurely pace also loaded down.

As Buck wrestled with the door it was suddenly opened from the inside.

"Thanks!" he grinned, then his eyes went wide and he stopped dead still staring at his old friend, Chris Larabee. "Chris? Is that you, old dog?"

"I don't know who else it's be." Chris shook his head and retreated towards the den where Vin and Ezra stood in the doorway.

JD ducked around Buck and Nathan and Josiah came up behind Buck, then they all froze mouths open, gaping at the three men standing in the doorway to the den.

All three men had on matching black denim jeans that hugged every line of their bodies. All three men had on matching black cowboy boots, brand new, tooled leather, obviously expensive. And all three had on silk western shirts but each was a different color.

Ezra's was a jewel-toned green that brought out his eyes. Vin's was a shimmering gold that brought out the golden highlights in his light brown hair.

And the shirt Chris Larabee was wearing was a deep, rich, ruby red.

The End

Okay I know the dang song has another line to the verse but I'm not up for it right now. Maybe next Christmas.

For those who don't know, the song in question is Deck the Halls. I have no idea who wrote it or what the other verses are. This is all I know ofit.

Deck the halls with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la la
Tis the season to be jolly
Fa la la la la la la
Don we now our gay apparel
Fa la la la la la la
As we sing our yuletide carols
Fa la la la la la la.

Marie AKA Starwinder

Everything on this page is fiction. Any resemblance or reference to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.