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'Ezra, In Between' Series
from the Ezra's Littleverse list
Dear Reader, these stories are listed as they were written rather than timeline of the series itself.
I am writing as the mood strikes and fitting in my small pieces helter-skelter. If the series if ever completed,
I shall post a timeline for the stories, for now, if possible, as I publish, I try to note if the story does not follow
sequentially with the preceding ones. Thank you for reading - hope you enjoy my Little Ezra. - MAC
Title Description Date
Only a Hound Dog A boy and his dog, the end of days. 01/23/03
Reading Skills Learning to read more than words. 01/23/03
Learning How to Play Being a kid isn't an easy job if you never learned how. 01/23/03
Two Very Private People Eight year old Ezra meets his match. 01/23/03
Yesterday's Child The past colors Ezra's reactions to the present in this little scene. 01/23/03
Coming Home Again It can be hard on those left behind. 01/23/03
Aim High A scene involving targets and goals. 01/24/03
One True Path Two philosophers. 01/24/03

Winner: 2004 Diamond Ezzie - Little Ezra Gen, Short
Making Magic A temporary apprentice to a healer's magic. 01/24/03
A Boy Needs Ezra and Chris settle some things. 12/07/03
Shedding Pondering Nature.
This should be considered to be fairly early in my series.
The Dog Days of Summer A boy and his dog and a sunny afternoon.
This story takes place sometime before "Only a Hound Dog."
And the Rain Came Down A day spent indoors and out.
This story takes place sometime before "Only a Hound Dog."
Gloria's Glorious Chapeau aka Mrs. Potter's New Hat It's Easter in Four Corners and the ladies all know what that means. 04/10/04
Another Year Older Ezra has a birthday party. 04/30/04
All the King's Men Nearly losing Chris brings changes for Ezra and how he relates to his guardian. 05/09/04
Gone Fishin' A new pastime.
This story occurs within days of the story no.9, "Making Magic." That puts it a bit over two months after Ezra arrives at Four Corners.
Wanted Being useful.
This story occurs within a month or two of Ezra's arrives at Four Corners.

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