Starwinder's Fiction

The Missing Scenes Stories

First Look
A poem written from Joey's POV.

After the Fight at Gilley's
A missing scene occurring directly after the fade out following the fight Lundy and LaFiamma had at Gilley's in the pilot episode.

After Rose Ellen Hale dies in a manner almost identical to the way Lundy's wife died, LaFiamma takes a shaken Lundy home with him. They both face some Ghosts from their pasts.

A short amusing piece to lighten the mood after Ghosts. When LaFiamma walks out of the hospital where he and Lundy have been waiting for word on Esteban after the Mexican cop was stabbed; Lundy follows him and is surprised at where he goes.

One Step Forward
Missing scene from 'Houston's Hero'. Just a small scene set after Lundy accepts that his old friend and mentor John Brissom is involved in the kidnapping but before Brissom kills his partner to cover his tracks.

Lonely Knights
Another missing scene from 'Houston's Hero'. After it's all over and Brissom is in custody, Lundy takes LaFiamma home and gets invited up for another home cooked meal.

Two Steps Forward
Missing Scene from 'Single in Heaven'. After the Singles Bar Killer breaks into LaFiamma's apartment he spends the night at Lundy's.

That's What Partners Are For:
Missing Scene from 'Bad Girl'. Lundy's decision to stand by his partner, even though he thinks that LaFiamma has been acting stupid, brings then closer.

Other Stories

A depressed LaFiamma considers suicide.

LaFiamma's mad but he won't tell Lundy why.

Truce 1
A small scene that takes place on Mother Minnie's porch during the episode 'Secrets'.