This page is for the folks who are wondering what I'm working on and why I haven't posted anything new for a while. So I thought that I'd put up a list of Works in Process. I'm not linking to the stories just listing the titles and some basic information on the stories. Add all of these up then factor in the fact that I have been working 7 day weeks since July 1. (After almost a month of this the company finally relented and moved some hands in from another department to allow us an occasional day off. It works out to about one day in ten off.)

Unless other wise marked all stories are M/M slash.

Magnificent Seven:

Short bits: Stand alone stories.
Old West:

01. Lonely:
In the wake of "Sins of the Past", Vin and Ezra console each other.

02. In the Eye of the Beholder:
Vin and Ezra have a little talk that somehow ends up in a liaison.

03. Seeking Forgiveness:
Ezra needs to apologize to Vin for laughing at him when Vin asked Ezra to write up his poem for the poetry contest in "Achilles"... but Vin is avoiding him. May or may not end up being slash.

04. Chasing Rainbows:
After readings Mods "End of the Rainbow" I kept wondering what would happen if Ezra took Vin up on his offer to show Ezra the wonders of nature.

05. Guilt:
JD's been shot. Ezra blames himself... so does everyone else... then Vin discovers that Ezra was wounded too, but the con man has already left Four Corners and there are indications that he may not be coming back.

06. Wagers of Sin:
Chris awakes from a drunken stupor in the saloon one night and discovers that Vin and Ezra are playing poker with some rather interesting "chips".

07. Snowbound:
Vin and Ezra deliver a prisoner to Ridge City, then run into some bounty hunters. Forced to flee they make it through the upper pass into a long valley leading to the lower pass just before a blizzard closes the upper pass. When they stop to help a family that has been attacked by outlaws, they don't get to the lower pass before it is also closed. Trapped in the valley with a dying woman and her two toddlers, they must somehow survive until one of the passes becomes open. (This is going to be a long one.)

08. Partners in Crime:
Vin and Ezra are confined to Nathan's clinic following a gunfight in which they were wounded... but they are determined to escape.

09. Fields of Need:
Vin Loves Chris. Ezra loves Chris... Chris is marrying Mary. Vin suggests that he and Ezra console each other.

Five Dollars:

10. Putting Down Roots:
Vin and Ezra get the chance to buy a ranch and decide to take it.

11. The Bounty Hunters:
While everyone except Chris, Vin and Ezra are out of town a gang of bounty hunters come after Vin. Chris is shot and Vin is taken. The bounty hunters don't know that Vin and Ezra are lovers and think that Ezra won't be a problem. They're wrong.

12. Financing the Future:
Vin and Ezra need money... to pay off the ranch, buy stock and see what they can do about the bounty on Vin's head. There's a poker tournament in Bristol City, a three day ride from Four Corners. Ezra's sure he can win it... there's just one little problem: Ezra Standish has been barred from the casino where the tournament is to be played... as if that's going to stop him.

13. Yvonne:
When Ezra receives a telegram informing him that his great aunt Yvonne is dying and wants to see him, the Seven insist on accompanying him to New Orleans.

Stolen Moments:

A series of V/E missing scenes woven through the series. Don't have any idea how many or how long these will be. But the final one is :
14. More Than a Stolen Moment:
Vin finally finds a way to give his lover more than just a few stolen moments here and there.

Stand alone stories with Ezra paired with someone other that Vin:

15. No More Sneaking Around:
E/J Sequel to "Sneaking Around".

16. Happily Ever After:
E/J Ezra reflects on his time with Josiah after his lover's death.

17. Graceful:
C/E Chris and Ezra are on the trail alone together several weeks after "Working Girls" and Chris finds himself unable to keep his eyes off the gambler, or his mind off what might have been *under* that purple dress.

18, Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places:
In the wake of "Sins of the Past" almost everyone could use a little TLC. Too many pairings to list. M/M, M/M/M, F/F, M/F.


19, X Marks the Spot:
A long dramatic piece, that reveals some of Ezra's past. The Seven answer a call for help from a town several days away from Four Corners. When they arrive they are captured by Ella Gaines and her hired guns. Ezra tries to con Ella into believing he can persuade Chris to marry her while he secretly plots to help the others escape. When they escape, they are hounded into what appears to be a box canyon... only Ezra knows that there is a the way through it... but he must face his past to lead the others out... and facing that past means revealing his most deeply held secret... a secret that could destroy the Seven.

Old West:

20. The Guardian:
Vin's a Sentinel but he doesn't know it until his senses begin to awaken. Ezra is his guide but neither of them has ever heard of Sentinels. How do they find their way?

21. The Watchman: His Master's Voice:
A totally different Mag7/Sentinel AU. Nathan is snowbound, alone in a cave for a month, when he returns to Four Corners his senses are haywire. He remembers stories he heard in his childhood about Tribal Watchmen and realizes that he is a Watchman but can he accept it when the only voice that will bring him back from a "zone" is a smooth, honeyed drawl that is all too reminiscent of 'his master's voice.'

Houston Knights:

All slash unless otherwise specified.

01. Appearances:
Joe and Levon have a fight in the bullpen. Later that night Levon is attacked and badly injured. He has no memory of what happened and doesn't even recognize Joe, who is a suspect. Will IA's investigation turn up the fact that they are lovers.

02. Common Ground:
A first time story. Joe and Levon find that they have more in common than you would think.

03. Sleeper:
Joe and Levon go undercover as truck drivers and end up spending a night alone stranded on a back road. A first time story.

04. A Quiet Weekend in the Country:
Yeah, right. Joe and Levon go on a fishing trip together... and run into gunrunners.


An AU where Joe and Levon share a growing telepathic connection. You won't understand the story summaries if you aren't familiar with the AU. The first story in the series is Here the others are linked to it.
05. A Place of Our Own Part 3:
Told from Captain Latimer's POV. Joe's family arrives.

06. A Night on the Town:
Joe and Levon take Joe's family out to dinner at Chicken's.

07. Black Market:
The father of Tokyo's baby finds her and tries to kidnap her. Unable to get Tokyo and the baby, Charmer (Tokyo's baby's father) kidnaps Silent. Romeo intervenes and is also taken. Tokyo's baby is born.

08. Wanderer:
While Joe and Levon desperately search for Romeo and Silent, an amnesiac Romeo tries to protect Silent and get them home... even though he doesn't remember where home is.

09. Christmas Miracle:
Christmas is almost here. Romeo and Silent have been missing almost a month. Will they make it home for Christmas.

10. A New Year, A New Beginning:
Romeo and Silent are home. Joe and Levon finally discover Silent's real name and find her family.

11. Quiet Time:
Things are finally settling down at the ranch and Joe and Levon get a little time alone.

Case Files:

Stand alone stories that are gen.
12. Nightmares:
A case dredges up memories for Joe.

13. The Revenge of Lester Farnham:
When Esteban invites Joe and Levon to go with him to Matamoras to attend his sister's wedding, the men are not aware that Lester Farnham (the sleazy lawyer from "North of the Border") has bribed his way out of the Mexican prison that Esteban sent him to and is living near there. When Farnham sees them he begins a deadly game of cat and mouse designed to destroy his old enemies.

Antique Trail:

New AU. Levon introduces Joe to the wonderful world of bargain-hunting via estate auctions, rummage sales, flea markets etc. and finds that he has created a monster who's battle cry is "Was that a sale sign?" and who has an uncanny knack for picking antiques with unique properties and unusual histories.
14. The Blue Mirror:
At his first estate sale Joe buys a blue tinted mirror. When he takes it home and hangs it up strange things begin to happen. (A first time story.)

15. Pandora's Box:
You'd think that Joe would've learned his lesson with the Blue Mirror but no, he brings home a Chinese Puzzle Box and Murphy's Law goes into overtime for the partners.

16. The Campaign Desk:
When Joe buys Levon an antique campaign desk for his birthday the partners discover a hidden drawer in it containing a portrait of a beautiful woman, a newspaper clipping about her murder and a letter which leads the partners to believe that the man lynched for it may have been innocent. But how do you solve a hundred-year old murder and why is someone determined to keep the partners from finding the truth? (Crossover with Mag7 Old West.)

17. The Photograph:
Esteban gets into the act. When Joe drags him to an estate sale, Esteban ends up buying an old photograph of two men, who look just like Joe and Levon. The only clue to their identity is a note on the back that says, "The Marshal with Tony Two Guns, Houston, 1889". Of course the partners have to find out who the men were.

18. The Trunk:
Joe's done it again. He buys a locked truck at an estate sale and when the partners get it open they find a skeleton and a packet of extremely passionate love letters. Who was the body in the truck and why was he or she killed. Only Annie's forensics skills can help the partners solve this one.


A continuation of the series that includes Black Day: Lundy, Black Day: LaFiamma and Future: Looking Back.

The year is 2014, Joe and Levon have decided to leave not only Houston but Earth itself, accepting the jobs as the Chief of Police and Chief of Detectives, respectively, for the Mars Colony Settlement.

19. Departure:
The guys have to decide what to take with them and what to leave behind. Strictly enforced weight limits on the Mars Shuttle makes for some tough decisions.

20. Arrival:
The guys discover that they aren't just the heads of the Mars Colony Police Department, they *are* the Mars Colony Police Department.

21. Wedding Day:
It was the fact that they could finally be legally married that prompted Joe and Levon to take the job in the first place but Murphy's Law seems determined to keep them from getting to the alter on time.

22. Starting Over:
It's never easy to start over but when you have literally left your entire world behind it can be doubly hard.

Stories involving members of either Joe or Levon's family:

23. Hard to Say Goodbye:
Mother Minnie's last days. With only days to live, Minnie insists on coming home to die. Joe, keeping his promise to her to be there for Levon, brings a distraught Lundy back to Lombard to be with her.

24. An Invasion of LaFiammas:
Several of Joe's cousins and their families come to visit. But is it just a family visit or is someone using the visit as a cover for 'Outfit Business'.

25. Blood Ties:
Crossover with Walker: Texas Ranger. When Joe and Levon are assigned to protect a witness, Joe is forced to kill an assassin to save the witness' life but when he discovers that the assassin was his baby brother, he goes to pieces.

Other Stories:

26. Homing Instinct:
Scalia, the mob boss that put the hit on Joe, dies of a heart attack. His "heir" has no beef with Joe. When Uncle Mikey calls to tell Joe he can come home, Lundy fears he will lose his partner.

27. The Heart Remembers:
Joe is kidnapped and taken far from Houston. He escapes from his captors but suffers a blow to the head that leaves him with amnesia. With no memory of his past and no clue to his identity will he find his way back to Houston and Levon?

Original Series
Jake and Jesse:

This is a continuation of the original character slash series begun with Open Road.
01. Awkward Evening:
Jake and Jesse arrive at Jake's ranch.

02. Sunrise:
The next morning Jake decides to let Jesse stay at the ranch but he still isn't ready to face what he feels for the other man.

The Legend of JD and Ryan:

Although they are my original characters, JD and Ryan were introduced in "Assault With Intent" by Mac/Glo. They also appeared in the (unfinished) HK Round Robin: "Friends First" (temporarily offline).
03. Born of Blood and Fire:
When Major Jacob Ryan's Commanding Officer's son is kidnapped and sold into slavery out of the country, the only way to find him is to set a trap. They need bait and when there are no Marines available that fit the bill the General suggests his nephew, JD Bellarosa. First they have to find him, then they have to lure the kidnappers into taking the bait, keeping track of him as he is taken out of the country. Finally they have to rescue both the General's son and JD but even the best laid plans can fall apart and Ryan finds himself left behind in the Cambodian jungle with JD, who, while a smart, tough Chicago street kid with extensive Martial arts training... knows nothing about the jungle.

04. Memoirs of a Red Dog:
When Ryan decides to write his memoirs, he is kidnapped and it is up to JD, his lover and second in command to find out who among their many enemies... or possibly their friends... wants the book stopped badly enough to kidnap Ryan.

05. Black Jack:
Black Jack McAllister has been Jake Ryan's second in command and best friend for years. Now his old friend has found a lover and he has to decide how he feels about that especially since the lover is a young and beautiful man.

06. Fancy:
Black Jack never thought he'd be interested in a man but seeing Ryan with JD has tempered his feelings on such things and he begins to examine his feelings for his partner a bit closer and realizes that what he feels is more than friendship or camaraderie.

Other Things
We're Gonna Live For Ever:

A new AU series. Just because I can't stand to see "my guys" get old and die.
07. The Immortal Knights:
Joe and Levon die in a shootout but awaken as Immortals before backup arrives.

08. The Seven Forever:
The Magnificent Seven die, in a shoot out with Ella Gaines hired guns but become Immortals.

09. A Waltz Through Time:
Vin and Ezra are on a trip to a nearby town when they encounter a time traveler and must choose between staying where they are or becoming time travelers themselves in a desperate fight to save the human race. Adrift in a future that they never imagined possible, buffered by events they don't understand, they find themselves clinging to the only thing that remains a constant in their now ever-changing world... each other.

So, there you have it fifty-seven WIPs and the list grows everyday... and I'm still working seven days a week... and the last three titles are actually *series* titles which means that they represent more than one story! I promise to try and finish *something* sometime soon.

Thanks for dropping by.