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Updated 1/28/2001

Dancing the Knight Away
Joe goes undercover as an male stripper to catch a killer. A Rawlings Street AU story.

As Time Goes By
A glimpse into the future. A story set many years after Joe and Levon became partners and lovers.

Barrio's Forge
Joe is missing following a fire. Suffering from amnesia he disappears into the Barrio while Levon and the others search for him. A Rawlings Street AU story.

Too Close
Joe and Levon are targeted by a violent gang that kidnaps and drugs men then sells them to clients for sex. Warnings Violence and rape.

Dear Abby
The guys get together with a little help.

A Medal For Joe
Joe gets a surprise on Veteran's Day.

Lundy's Friend:
Lundy's drowning his grief in a bottle after an old friend dies and Chicken calls Joe to take him home.

Assault With Intent:
Co-Authored by Starwinder
After Joey is falsely arrested and assaulted in lockup, Lundy rescues him and comes to realize that he is in love with him. Warnings: Rape (off screen, not graphic.) Violence.

Try a Little Tenderness:
Tired of fighting with Lundy Joe decides to "try a little tenderness".

Keep It Under Your Hat:
The guys are showering at the station and one thing leads to another.

The Anniversary Waltz:
Joe and Levon go back to Gilley's to celebrate their first anniversary as partners.

The Suit
Levon must protect a blinded Joe after someone tries to collect on the contract on him.

Houston Hooker
Set in the Buttons and Bows universe. When Levon goes undercover as a transvestite to catch a killer, Joe is stunned by his reaction to Levon's alter ego. Levon in a red leather mini skirt!

Tender Is the Night
Joe and Levon each realize that they are attracted to the other but are uncertain what to do about it. Pre-slash.

Buttons and Bows:
In this sequel to the Italian Stallion Joe and Levon go undercover in Houston's gay community to catch a serial killer.

And He Lit Out For The Hills:
During a drug bust that goes bad, the drug ends up scattered everywhere and Levon gets a face full of it. First time story.

When Joe and Levon are sent to Vail to extradite a prisoner they end up trapped by an avalanche. First time story.

Sunrise At Sonora:
Joe and Levon go to Sonora to pick up a prisoner


Mac does humor so well I've decided to make a separate heading for it in hopes of encouraging her to write more.

Updated 05/09/2000

Ride'em... cowboy? Rated GP. Lundy gets a big surprise.

The Shoot:
Something's going on in Houston. A lot of out of town talent is coming in.

The Centerfold:
Joe is trying to keep Levon from seeing something in one of his magazines.


Updated 05/09/2000

Once a Hit Man... Always a...
Joe's past comes back to haunt the partners. A first time story.

The Italian Stallion:
Joe and Levon go undercover in the WWFT and find themselves falling in love. A first time story. Twenty eight parts, in three sections. The link to section two is at the bottom of section one and the link to section three is at the bottom of section two.

Warning: Rape, violence.
After Levon is brutally raped, Joe must help him heal.