Updated 03/19/2005

Joey's Home page:

Joke Gone Bad New!
A joke played on Lundy turns sour for Joe, when Joe is fingered as the target in a family coup.

Joey & His Cat New!
Two cats now in Joey's life. One is Joey's long lost childhood sweetheart, but is she really who she says she is?

I Hate It When He's Right!
LaFiamma is no longer a cop but still backs up his old partner when no one else can. Will Levon do what Joe wants when Joe takes a bullet.

A Promise is a Promise
Would LaFiamma ever part with his beloved Cobra? What kind of an offer couldn't he refuse? What would Lundy's reaction be if his partner drove up in a fancy truck that he himself would love to own?

What Could Happen?
Previously published in Cinda's zine, "Compadres" #14, Straight Through the Heart, Vol. 2.

Our Lady of Guadalupe
Joey's Newest. Summary coming soon.

Merry Christmas 2001
Joey's Christmas story, posted in the Knights list.

Smoke and Fooler
The long awaited sequel to The Chicago Mountie. Read that one first!

A Suit for Lundy
Response to the 2001 Boots 'n' Suits Challenge

Yellow & Green Sky
A tornado hits Houston.

A Day in the Life of...
A day told from both boys' point of view.

Past Meets Present
An old case from Chicago comes back to haunt Joe.

Double Wedding
Jamie and Joe's fiancée set into motion a plan to get the guys to commit.

Answering a call in a park, Joey is shot.

Aunt Esta's Trunk
Joey receives a trunk form an aunt.

Each of the partners gets a letter.

Knee Deep
Short and funny.

The Chicago Mountie
Levon learns more about Joe's time with the Chicago Mounted Patrol.

A sequel to Ride'm Cowboy by Mac, with Mac's permission.

Uncle Joey:
Levon meets Joey's nephew Mikey III.

Uncle Joey and Purple Levon:
Mikey III is back.

When a woman from Joey's past reappears, Levon learns that his womanizing partner was once married.

Texan's Red Hot Temper:
After Jamie moves to Austin, Levon's temper starts getting out of hand and soon gets him in trouble.