Has been a published HK slash zine writer since 1991. This is the first time one of her stories has appeared on the web, after reading one of her stories, we convinced her to post some of her fiction on our site.

Updated September 08, 2006 (1 story)

Not a Cop Anymore
They change their occupation and their love life.

Melrose Estate
Joe has a new home.

Joe and Levon have 24 hours off work.

Levon has Mother Minnie's house appraised.

Joe's cousin, who is a government assassin, comes to Houston but is he there to help Joe or kill him?

Three In the Morning
Levon learns more about Joe while on a stakeout.

This is War!
Levon has a secret admirer and it's driving him crazy.

The Marines Series

(1) LaFiamma? A Marine?
When Joe's old Marine C. O. shows up it triggers a series of events that will change the partner's lives forever. WARNING: RAPE

(2) Smith's House
A sequel to "LaFiamma? A Marine?" Joe, Levon and the Marines begin to explore the House that General Smith built for Joe.

(3) Handsome's Harem
The sequel to Smith's House. As Joe recuperates from his injury he learns more about Smith's plans and runs afoul of the man who held him hostage in Lebanon.

(4) Lucia's Walking Papers
Having learned that Lucia lied to him and is unfaithful Joe delivers the annulment papers and we meet more of his family.

(5) The Chicago Package
Joe reads the Chicago package and learns that some of his Marines are being held prisoner in a brothel.

Other Stories

First Meeting
Lust at first sight.

More Lust, later in the day.

Lundy and LaFiamma are sent on stakeout by a mysterious officer who turns out to be an internal affairs investigator carrying on a witch hunt to find officers who's off duty relationship is more than friendship. Slash but no sex.

Lundy's Gone
Lundy accepts a transfer without telling LaFiamma and his partner and lover is shattered.

A Cowboy For Dinner
A first time story.

One Shower
Missing scene from "The Stone".

Wanting and Doing Are Two Different Things
A first time story. Warning depicts a master/slave relationship.