Sihn's Empire
Castle of Doom
by Tracey

I am not really a writer but a lurker who has to say I admire anyone and everyone who has/have writen Mag7 stories, especially Ezra (mmmm). Special thanks to Jo Ann and Silver for putting up with me he he

"Aaawww hell" Ezra moaned out loud, while trying to stand up for the umpteenth time. He felt nauseous and his head felt like it would explode into a million pieces, but the worst thing was, he couldn't for the life of him stand and when he did, the walls felt like they were moving in on him.

Trying with all his might to stand again. "AAAAWWW OOF" THUD "OUCH"

Frustrated and ill, he hoped his friends would find him quickly and save him from this infernal hell.

Looking around he realized he was in a castle "Good Lord how did I get in a castle?" He looked around and noticed there wasn't a door. Focusing his eyes, he could see in the distance Buck, JD, Nathan and Josiah riding their horses around. Frowning, he thought to himself "Why the hell are they way over there? They don't even look like they are looking for me BAH! Some friends they are!"

Looking closer to the entrance, to his surprise he saw the Love of his life, Mr. Tanner and "The One who must be Obeyed" Mr. Larabee, looking at him from the entrance. Just standing there, staring.

Ezra started to freak. A large guy, huge, hairy and scary as hell, was weaving his way over to him.

"HEEELP" he cried.

Chris looked at poor Ezra wondering how they could save him. They saw the giant of the castle weave his way over and haul Ezra to his feet, Ezra thought to himself "Thank goodness I am standing" The giant stumbled with Ezra to the entrance, and literally threw him in the air to his friends.

Vin, normally the one with quick reflexes, missed the catch but managed to stop the fall with his knee.

"OOOOUCH" this gave Chris the time he needed to catch Ezra before he hit the ground. With Vin and Chris holding him upright, they started to walk to where the others were riding around.

As they led him away, they heard the huge guy yell out to them, "This place is a Jumping Castle for under six year olds you morons!"

Smiling at their hung - over friend, Vin said laughingly "Come on Lancelot, let's join the others on the merry-go-round."


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