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What is a VID? A vid is like multi-media fanfic, where the vidder (author) sets out to craft a new expression of our favorite characters using the footage from the show itself to 'support' their creations of love. These vids are set to songs and music carefully chosen to highlight the interactions of the characters onscreen, or to emphasize the story put together in the vid. In a perfect marriage of lyrics, music and acting, vids are one of the best fandom treats around.

The files are stored as zipfiles, in consideration of bandwidth overages caused by accidentally streaming the vid instead of copying it. This means that you will have to unzip the file before it will play on your Windows Media Player. If you have a Windows ME or XP machine, you should be able to right-click and uncompress the file. If you don't know what a zipfile is, please check out http://www.winzip.com.

Vidder Song Used Description Format
It Was
by Chely Wright
SLASH Windows Media Player
5.70 MB (zipped)
There You'll Be
by Faith Hill
SLASH Windows Media Player
5.57 MB (zipped)
Helen Adams & Karen Fedderly
Outlaw Blues
by Pat Benetar
GEN Windows Media Player
5.7 MB (zipped)

As you can see, this is still a very small section. EBoSA's doors are open to hosting Ezra-centric vids, slideshows or flash animations, both GEN and Slash! If you have one, or know of one, please tell the archivist about it!


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