Ezra's Body Of Slash Archive FAQ
Archive Guidelines Note from the Archivist
Ezra's Body of Slash Archive Content Information:

The official archive for the Ezra's Body of Slash mailing list, this site shares its purpose: To provide a place where those seeking to enjoy their Ezslash in its pure and unadulterated form may find it. Stories pairing Ezra with any member of the Seven, other canon male characters, original male characters, crossover male characters, any man anywhere are all eligible to be archived here. And please do!

Stories may come to this archive:
(Authors, please refer to the Technical FAQ below for submissions procedures.)
  1. Via the EBoS mailing list. Please include permission to archive in your headers template when posting your story to the list.
  2. By independent submission of your story to the EBoS archivist. You do not need to be a member of the list to have your story archived here, but please refer to our Posting Guidelines and Technical FAQ before submitting, to ensure that your story is eligible for this site.
The following are eligible to be archived at Ezra's Body of Slash:
  • Wholly, and solely, Ezslash stories, pairing Ezra with any of the Seven, other canon male characters, original male characters, crossover male characters, any man anywhere.
  • Old West stories, as well as any stories in Open AUs, such as the ATF. Stories in Closed AUs may be submitted by the universe's creator/s only. For the purposes of this site, Open but Conditional AUs are considered Closed.
  • Stories including more than one Ezslash pairing.
  • Threesome stories that are wholly Ezslash focussed. Please refer to the EBoS Posting Guidelines for threesome scenarios that may not be submitted here.
  • Death fics, partner betrayal, rape, BDSM, torture, angst, PWP, crossovers, hurt/comfort... Wherever your story takes us. There are no restrictions in this regard.
Stories that include the following may not be archived at Ezra's Body of Slash:
  • Non-Ezra slash pairings, whether implicit or explicit, barely hinted at or fully explored.
  • M/F pairings or threesomes involving a female, whether implicit or explicit, barely hinted at or fully explored.
  • RPS (Real People Slash)
Any stories archived later found to include any of the three things above will be removed from the archive.
If you have any questions about the eligiblity of your story for archiving here, please refer them to Lumina~, the EBoS Archive and List Owner. Thank you.
A Note from the Archivist:
Please provide all the header details as specified in the
Posting Guidelines. EBoS uses the Automated Archive interface and these fields are mandatory.

On archiving WIPs:

    Due to the way the archive is set up, it is not advisable to post multi-part WIPs.
    • If you are posting a WIP but want it to be archived at EBoS, please email the archivist the FINAL copy of your story
    Serial stories, with parts that are able to stand alone (or substantially able to stand alone) but with a continuing story arc, CAN be archived as parts appear. Please contact the archivist if you have any questions.
On EBoS Archive submissions:
All stories archived at EBoS will be auto-generated to be uniformly formatted. For direct submissions, the archivist is able to accept:
  1. plaintext files - use double spaces between paragraphs! As the archive is optimized to convert and upload these files, this is the preferred format.
  2. inside an email message (no attachments)
  3. MS Word .doc (Office 2000 and below)
  4. HTML generated file - this can actually cause problems and is the last priority for processing submitted stories.
Note: Item 3 and 4 above would take the longest to upload into the archive, as some formatting will need to be checked.

There is no restriction on the size of story attachments sent to the archivist.

Required headers:
Pairing/s: All contained in your story must be listed here.
Universe: OW and all Open AUs may be posted here. (Stories in Closed or Conditional AUs may only be posted here if written by the AU's creator.)
Feedback: If desired.
Status: WIP or Complete
Archive: Yes or No to EBoS. <- (If yes, please include, either separately or in your headers, your story's Category and a brief Summary for archiving purposes. Category and Summary are not required at the time you post to the list, however.)
Notes/Warnings/Spoilers: If applicable.

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