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Have an Ezslash or related Magnificent Seven website? Please link it here by submitting your site's information to Lumina~ or Mre, and we'll be happy to include it. If you are a site owner and see it listed here without your permission, please let us know and we'll remove it from the EzLinks pages.
Arcane Lover Contains the fic archive of The Phantom Black Sheep (or PBS, as we call her onlist.)
The Biggest Gamble Home to Draig's epic E/V 'The Biggest Gamble'.
ckl's slash archive Contains ckl's small but growing collection of slash. Only one Magnificent Seven story up for now, but we can hope! And check out her other fandoms while you're there.
The Collected Stories of Rose Ferguson Contain's Rose excellent Decline and Fall series, as well as fic in other fandoms.
Cyc Fic Inc. A collection of Cyc's slash fiction. Currently only hosting her Magnificent Seven slash. Has a link to her updates list at Yahoo!Groups.
Kay's Asylum Journal One-stop drop for all of Kay's fanfiction, including her forays into other fandoms, like The Mummy and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
The Night's Fall Home of Lumina~'s Ezra-centric slash fanfiction, recs, links. and info on mailing lists, plus Submissions Guidelines and availability of zines from Luminescence, an Ezra-centric zine publisher, as well as a comprehensive listing of all known Mag7 zines.
Repository Stockpile Collection Hoard Mahoney's fanfiction and original fiction website. Contains M7 slash, gen and other writings.
Sihn's Empire Main collection of all of Sihn's Magnificent Seven slash and gen lists.
Singing the Body Electric Home to the incomparable Delphi's Magnificent Seven slash fiction.
Sweet As Sin BlueKat's collection of fanfiction, including fics not included in the archive.
VampyrAlex's Place It has all my Magnificent Seven and Sentinel stories, a few crossovers, and the occasional art piece by a few friends.
Wyndewalker's Perch Contains all of Wyndewalker's gen and slashfic, links to her M7 ATF Sim skins and more.

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