Fool Traditions 3: Sex Raffle Challenge Style

by Kay

About a hundred years ago, Cyc issued a Sex Raffle Challenge. I asked for numbers 2 (Anal intercourse, insertive, with a condom) and 58 (Dressing in leather). I'm trying to work that in here. Also, i want to mention huge thanks to Karen and Sandy for their help. You ladies are the absolute best :)

Sequel to Fool Traditions 2: Trading Spaces, Vengeance Style.

They were trying to kill him. Chris knew it was an extreme statement, but it was the only explanation he could come up with for the way his team was acting. Ever since he'd had their offices redecorated, he'd been bracing himself for their retaliation. Buck and JD certainly wouldn't be able to resist the urge to get back at him. Even Vin and Josiah had a strong need to continue games of one up-manship, and Nathan had been mightily offended by what had been done to his office. As for Ezra...Chris had let a woman staple Beanie Babies to his walls. He had to want to take his revenge.

Chris had known that would happen. He'd held out some distant hope that maybe they'd be able to come to a non-damaging compromise, but he knew that was unlikely. He'd still done it, wanting his own vengeance badly enough that he was willing to face whatever consequences that followed. It had been worth it to see the looks on the their faces when they first saw their offices. It had still been worth it the next day, when he'd gotten to watch them try to put their offices back to rights.

Ever since, he'd been holding himself wary, ready for revenge to come at him at any time, from any direction. The only thing he knew for certain was that it would happen at the office. They always confined their pranks to the office; their lives were too hectic and dangerous to take it out to the street or into their precious private time. That meant that he'd spent the past month bracing himself for whatever deviltry they could come up with as soon as he walked into the door of the ATF offices and didn't relax until after he'd made it out to the parking lot.

All his preparations had been for nothing. None of his teammates had made any kind of a move on him. There had been no hints that they were even planning anything. He might have been tempted to think that they had been willing to let everything go, that they were going to take the high road and let the war die down between them and allow him to finish things out. He couldn't exactly call himself the winner, since they had gotten him originally, but he could say he'd had the last laugh. He was willing to take that as a victory and call it a draw.

Maybe they were taking the high road...but somehow he didn't think so. There was something sneaky in the way Buck smiled at him, and JD started laughing for no reason that Chris could figure out and it was always when he was in the room. Nathan looked far too self-satisfied for a man who had decided to just give up on getting some of his own back. The same held true for them, all of them. Even Ezra.

Especially Ezra. Not that Chris didn't love it when he could see the devil dancing in his eyes, but it did make him a little nervous when he didn't know the reason for it. His lover had a creative mind that usually was a source of pride and sometimes one of ecstasy for Chris, but he still had to worry when he realized that it might be used against him. He often caught Ezra laughing at him when they were at the office, hiding his smiles behind hastily raised reports, but he was never able to hide his eyes.

Chris tried to take revenge on Ezra in small ways, not wanting to start a new war but unwilling to just stand by as his lover laughed at him. When there was food in the office, Chris often persuaded Ezra to take a bite of his portion first, that or outright stole Ezra's. It was the only way he could make sure that they hadn't decided to let Buck take control of the group revenge and slipped him a laxative. He also made the other man take the first step into rooms that he hadn't been in for a while, not wanting to be doused with any kind of a water trap. So far Ezra hadn't been caught in any traps meant for Chris, but that didn't mean he wouldn't be in the future so Chris wasn't going to give up.

At the same time, though, the vigilance was beginning to wear on him. It was exhausting, always being on his guard. He hadn't thought that any of them could have this sort of patience, not even Josiah. It was unnerving and almost enough to make him think that they'd given up...but he knew them too well. They hadn't given up. Maybe they were hoping that the tension would make him keel over with a heart attack. Maybe that was what they thought was a fitting retribution.

Stretching in his chair, Chris shook his head. He was spending too much time dwelling on this, time that could be better spent on paperwork or returning calls or planning what exactly he wanted to do to Ezra when he took the other man home.

A sharp rap on his door was a welcome distraction. "Yeah?"

Vin opened the door and stuck his head inside the room. "Call just came down for you. Travis wants to see you."

Chris glanced down at his phone. "He didn't call me."

"He's got a new secretary. Hasn't figured out the phones yet."

Feeling himself become more alert, Chris nonetheless nodded casually. "Great. I wonder how long that's going to last." No, he didn't. He didn't believe for a moment that Travis would tolerate an incompetent secretary. This could be the set up that he'd been waiting on for the past month. "Thanks for letting me know. Is it urgent?"

"Isn't it always with Travis?"

Chris nodded and began putting his desk to rights. There was no telling when he'd be back down and he didn't want to find himself coming back after five to find a mess that he'd feel obligated to clean up before he could go home. He didn't want anything to delay him being able to get home to Ezra. It had been a busy week and he was looking forward to spending some quality time with his lover.

When that was finished, he left his office. He thought that the rest of Team Seven was paying a little too much attention to him as he made his way out of their office wing. Was there any reason for Josiah to be leaning against his doorframe, watching him go? And Buck never looked up from a good doughnut, so why was he staring at Chris as he walked by?

Oh yeah. Something was up. It was bold of them to involve Travis in this little war between them, but then, he wouldn't expect anything less from his men. They were the best the ATF had to offer and they were capable of playing as hard as they worked. Travis was more likely to indulge them because of their skill and dedication. He wouldn't get involved in a prank war for just any team, but for Team Seven, he'd make an exception.

His muscles tight with anticipation, Chris still tried to look relaxed. No need to let anyone know that he was onto their scheme. It would make it that much more sweet when he failed to be taken in by whatever they had planned. It didn't take him long to reach Travis's office. Sure enough, there was an unfamiliar young woman sitting in the receptionist's chair. Chris wondered how she'd fit into the plot, but he figured he'd find out soon enough. "I'm here to see Travis," he said, coming to a stop a few feet away from her desk. He wanted to give himself plenty of room, just in case he needed to move.

"You are?" She raised her eyebrows interrogatively.

"Chris Larabee."

"Oh, right. He's expecting you. Go on in."

For a moment he was tempted to tell her to get up and open the door for him. It would save him from walking directly into a trap, but on the other hand, it would completely blow any cover he had of being unaware of the conspiracy working around him. "Thanks," he said.

"You're welcome." She smiled brightly back at him.

Chris walked over to the door slowly, then flung it open, hard enough that it ricocheted off the opposite wall and came back towards him.

Seated behind his desk, Travis stared at him with wide eyes. "Larabee? What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Guess I don't know my own strength," Chris said easily, looking around the room before walking inside. There was no one there but Travis and himself. "You wanted to see me?"

"Yes." Travis gestured toward a chair. "Have a seat."

Chris sat down gingerly, but there was nothing wrong with the chair. "What do you need?"

"I'm sorry to have to do this too you on such short notice," Travis said, leaning over to hand him a folder. "The paperwork on this got lost in the shuffle and only came to my attention this morning."

Opening up the folder, Chris found a description of a conference within. "This starts tomorrow."

"Yes. And I need you to be there."

The topic was relevant, but he couldn't believe that Travis actually thought Chris would believe that he could forget to tell him about this until the day before he had to be there. There was almost no time for him to prepare, barely enough to pack. "Right. And what happens when I get there? I find out it's a clown convention?"

Travis blinked. "What?"

"It's for clowns, isn't it? I'm not going." Chris tossed the folder back onto Travis's desk.

"Larabee, what the hell are you talking about?"

"Don't bother. I know what's going on."

"What's going on is you about to be tossed in front of a disciplinary committee." The vein in Travis's forehead had begun to move to a dangerous beat.

Maybe Chris hadn't guessed right. "There really is a conference?" It couldn't be healthy for a man to turn that shade of red.

"Why the hell wouldn't there be?"

He'd fucked up. Wondering if he'd be able to dig himself out of this one, Chris wiped his hand over his face. "My apologies, sir."

"That's not good enough. I want an explanation."

Sighing, Chris explained about the pranks he and his team had played on each other and the suspense he'd been living with. "When I was called in here, I thought this was them finally making their move."

Travis stared at him for a moment, then sighed wearily. "Chris, this idiocy has to end. You realize that, don't you? It took weeks for Team Seven's office to be put back in order."

"I know that, sir. But it's their move. I've just been waiting for them to make it."

His expression growing thoughtful, Travis opened up the bottom drawer of his desk. "I think I have something that might help." He pulled out a CD. "What you've told me might explain what's on this tape." He placed in the player on his desk.

"What is that from?" Chris leaned forward with interest.

"The agents on Team Four were testing out some new surveillance equipment. On their way back from the lab setting, they saw three members of your team sitting outside at a restaurant. They decided to conduct further tests on them.

Chris didn't like the sound of that. "Sir, I'm going to have to protest that. My men's private lives shouldn't be used in training exercises."

"I've informed Team Four of that. This recording still exists."

For a moment, Chris struggled with himself. He wanted his men to have their privacy, but Travis had hinted that the CD might help him end the prank war. "Let's hear it."

Travis nodded and hit play.

Laughter filled the room. Chris immediately recognized Ezra's voice. It only took him a few moments to separate out the sounds of JD and Vin's mirth.

"You are an evil man," Vin said, laughter shaking his words.

"I just can't believe it's still working," JD said.

"Gentlemen, have a little faith in me." Ezra's voice was smug, expansive. "Have I ever led you astray?"

"Do you really want us to answer that?" JD asked.

"You are an evil genius," Vin said, tempering his earlier statement. "Absolute genius. We do nothing to Chris and just let him make himself crazy."

"Remind me never to get on your bad side," JD added.

Travis turned off the tape. "I think that's all that's relevant."

Chris shoved away from the desk and began to pace, swearing under his breath. He'd played with the idea that they were trying to make him crazy, but he'd dismissed it as too fanciful. Not for his Ezra, though. Oh, no. Ezra was too clever by half. He'd come up with a plan that was elegant in its evil simplicity. "I'm gonna kill him. Kill all of them."

"No, you're not. We'll never be able to replace them."

"We can try."

Travis laughed and handed him the folder again. "Take this. Go to the conference. You'll have three days away from the others to plan your revenge. Just keep it out of our offices, all right?"

"Yes, sir. And thank you." He saluted Travis with the folder, then turned and left.

Ezra was disappointed to hear that he was going to leave, but he understood the necessity. He went home with Chris at the end of the day and watched him pack, even volunteering to drive him to the airport that evening. "I'll miss you."

Chris smiled. "I'm going to miss you, too." He let Ezra pull him close and returned the embrace tightly. He would miss Ezra, miss the other man's laughter and intelligence, his quick conversation and the passion that destroyed all his care for decorum when he wanted Chris and wanted him right then. It was strange: he could trust this man with his heart and his life, but not with his sanity. "I'll be back in a few days."

"I can still miss you," Ezra said, turning his head to nip at his cheek in remonstrance.

"Yes, you can. And I hope you will." Chris kissed him deeply. "We have to get going." He didn't want to leave, but he didn't want to miss his flight and face Travis's wrath, either. He walked out of Ezra's arms and pulled his leather jacket out of the closet. "I'm set."

"You certainly are," Ezra said, looking him over with appreciation. He stepped closer and pulled Chris close once more, running his hands up and down his back, all over his jacket. As he held Chris, he also inhaled deeply.

Chris took note of Ezra's actions, but didn't comment on them. It was something to think about while he was at the conference.

Feeling just a little bit ridiculous, Chris bolstered his courage by telling himself that this would work. It had to. The idea had come to him at the seminar and had refused to leave him until he polished it up and set it in motion. It had seemed so perfect then: he knew that no matter what he did to try to get revenge on his team, there was no way Ezra would let him know that he'd gotten to him. He'd come off as Mr. Untouchable...Mr. Untouchable. It was that little nickname that Team 7 sometimes used for Ezra's poker face and it gave Chris an idea. How did a man fuck with Mr. Untouchable? Maybe by becoming untouchable himself.

With the attention to detail that had helped to make him a leader, Chris went over the list of things that he needed in order to make this happen. He'd called his neighbor and confirmed that Ezra was at his place, which was good. He liked it when Ezra stayed there when he was out of town. It didn't happen often, but when it did Chris liked to think about Ezra there, as though his house was protecting him when Chris couldn't try to do the job himself. He would never tell anyone he felt that way, least of all Ezra. The other man would not only think he was a sap, but would probably also resent the implication that he couldn't take care of himself.

He'd called the office and made sure the message would go out to the others that they had the next day off. They'd also be warned not to come looking for him or for Ezra. He didn't want any interruptions.

The only other real part of his plan was what he was wearing. Cruising down his street, Chris glanced down at himself and what he was wearing. It was the clothes that were throwing him the most. He didn't dress like this. The clothes were vital to the plan, though, so they stayed.

He cut the lights to his car as soon as he spotted his house. He wanted to surprise Ezra. The other man knew he was coming, but he could probably get inside before Ezra knew he was there. That would only happen if he moved fast.

He was up the stairs and inside before more than a few seconds had passed. He eased the door closed, feeling himself become alert and ready. It was more than just anticipation; Ezra was a highly trained agent. Chris didn't want to startle him and end up on the wrong side of Ezra's survival instincts. His plans for this night didn't include nursing a broken nose or worse.

The house was mostly dark; Ezra must have headed for bed. It was still early, yet, but Ezra was slowly becoming more of a morning person through his association with Chris. If he was expecting Chris back soon, he might head to bed and wait for him there.

There was some light coming from the family room in the back and Chris walked over that way, wanting to make sure that Ezra wasn't on the ground floor before heading up for his bedroom. When he entered the room, he was glad he'd checked: Ezra lay on the couch in a boneless sprawl.

Chris took a moment to just stare at his lover. Seeing Ezra like this felt like a gift. When awake, Ezra was always very aware of the image that he was presenting to the world. It wasn't that he was always acting or playing a role, but his actions were almost always thought through and prepared. When he slept, though, all of that fell away and for the time that he was out he was utterly unguarded, his limbs loose, his features soft in a way they never were when he was awake.

Dropping down into a crouch, Chris raised a hand and skated it just over the surface of Ezra's skin, not wanting to wake him up just yet. He loved the sight of Ezra sleeping in his home, was pleased that Ezra felt comfortable enough to let himself relax here even when he wasn't around.

Soft chestnut hair teased his fingers, just out of reach for as long as he wanted to keep Ezra asleep. He also couldn't touch the curve of the shell of Ezra's ear, tracing it down to that spot at the base of his jaw that made Ezra shiver when he tongued it just right. Smooth cheeks hid dimples that would reveal themselves when Ezra smiled in greeting at him. Worst of all, he couldn't see Ezra's eyes, those lovely green eyes that were so changeable and deceptive and compelling.

Chris couldn't resist any longer and he laid his hand on Ezra's shoulder, wanting to wake him gently, without startling him anymore than he absolutely had to. Fending off Ezra's surprised blows wasn't what he wanted to do that night. He had better things planned for the night.

Ezra's eyes opened quickly, alert and tense. It took a few moments before Chris was sure that he'd been recognized. Once Ezra knew who was beside him, he relaxed. "Chris," he murmured, voice low and a little rough with sleep. "You're home early."

"Only by a few hours," Chris said.

"Welcome back," Ezra said, stretching long and hard, muscles moving in a lovely unconscious display. "Are you hungry?"

"Yes." Chris stood up and stared down at Ezra.

"I could..." Ezra's voice trailed away as he blinked and finally saw what Chris was wearing. "Chris?"

"Ezra?" Chris echoed back playfully, giving Ezra time to process what he was seeing. He knew it would take a moment. It wasn't a usual look for him. He was wearing black leather pants and a tight leather jacket, much more close fitting than his usual coat. He'd completely the look with leather boots and the thinnest leather gloves that he'd be able to find. He thought he was able to pull it off, but he needed Ezra's reaction to confirm his hopes.

It looked like it worked. Ezra's eyes grew wider and his gaze traveled up and down Chris's body several times. When he finally met Chris's eyes again, his own eyes had gone dark with want and anticipation. "What is this?" he asked, stretching his arms out across the back of the couch.

If he told Ezra it was revenge, the other man might take it the wrong way and Chris didn't want that, didn't want to lose the mood that he'd just begun to create. He settled for trying out an enigmatic smile and holding out a hand to Ezra.

Ezra tilted his head to the side, his expression appreciative as he reached out to take Chris's hand. He allowed himself to be pulled to his feet, then he tried to wrap his arms around Chris and pull him into an embrace. As he did so, he turned his face up for a kiss.

Chris wanted that too, wanted to taste his lover's mouth and felt that talented tongue twist around his own as they lost themselves in long kisses, the way they sometimes spent hours when they had nights to themselves. He couldn't though. This was love but it was also revenge and he had to stick to that. He held Ezra off, not pulling him in for a full embrace and refusing to kiss him.

Head cocked to the side, Ezra looked at him consideringly, trying to figure out what he was up to. "Chris?"

"Come with me." Chris pulled at Ezra, leading him to the bedroom.

Ezra followed along willingly. His hands wandered over Chris's back, fingertips skating over the leather of his jacket.

Chris was glad Ezra couldn't see his smile: it would have given everything away. He'd known that Ezra was intrigued by the feeling of his jacket, knew that it was the leather that called to Ezra's hands again and again, causing him to stroke his hands over his back, down his arms, bold fingers even trailing down to skim over his ass and thighs in their leather covering. It was the way Ezra had wanted to touch his coat when he'd left for the conference that had given him the idea and now he was going to run with it. If Ezra liked leather, then Chris was going to give it to him. But with a little bit of a twist. Of course. This was about revenge, after all.

In the bedroom, Ezra tried to move closer to him, but Chris again held him a little bit away from his body, denying the full feeling of him and definitely avoiding kissing him.

"What is this?" Ezra repeated.

Chris flashed that same smile at him. He didn't answer, though. That was for him to know and hopefully not for Ezra to figure out, not too soon, anyway. He wanted this to work and it wouldn't if Ezra caught on to what he was doing too quickly and reacted oddly. Chris believed his lover would enjoy this, but it was new and different and he didn't need to have his confidence shaken.

Needing to keep things moving forward, he raised his hands to Ezra's shirt and began working at the buttons. His gloves were thin enough that he was able to do so with ease and he began to feel like maybe he'd be able to pull this off after all.

Ezra reached out to him again, wanting to reciprocate the touches. Quick clever fingers reached up and caught at the zipper to his jacket before he could grab them.

He did reach them in time to stop Ezra from pulling the tab down. "No," he said quietly.


"No," he repeated, his voice firmer. He gently lowered Ezra's hands down to his side, then reached up and went back to work on the shirt buttons. It didn't take long for him to push the shirt off Ezra's shoulders and then drop his hands down to the other man's pants. He slowly pushed the slacks down until gravity took control and they were puddled at Ezra's ankles.

Ezra shivered, but his gaze was hot if questioning. He started to reach up for Chris again, then caught himself and lowered his arms back down to his sides.

Chris smiled. Ezra was learning. That had to deserve some kind of reward. "Get on the bed." When Ezra hesitated for a moment, Chris reached out and laid his hand on Ezra's cheek. "Please, Ezra."

Ezra held his gaze for a long moment, then relaxed. He turned his head and pressed a kiss to Chris's palm.

Chris would have sworn that he could feel the heat of Ezra's mouth through the leather. For a moment he was tempted to throw his plan aside and strip the leather from his body and indulge himself in the pleasure of Ezra's touch...but that would ruin everything and he wouldn't get a chance like this again. He rubbed his thumb over Ezra's lips, then stepped away.

Looking more anticipatory than worried, Ezra climbed onto the bed and lay down on his back, displaying himself and his desire to Chris. Head propped up on the pillows, his arms lying loose and relaxed at his sides, his very posture was a challenge to Chris. A challenge, just as the cock that rose away from his body was an invitation.

Chris was never a man to delay when it came to accepting either. He walked over to the bed, knowing that Ezra was waiting for a show to begin, waiting for him to begin stripping away the clothes he wore. Pleased to be able to surprise his lover, he climbed onto the bed fully clothed, moving upwards until he was straddling Ezra's legs, his lover's erection and torso open to him. For the moment he just savored Ezra's expression: it was perfect surprise. His eyebrows had both been raised, lips slightly parted, eyes wide with startlement. It wasn't often that he managed to get that effect with Ezra; the other man was usually far too unflappable. It was nice to reverse their positions for once.

He didn't want to give Ezra a chance to recover, though, so he cut short his appreciation of the sight before him and raised the stakes. He ran his gloved hands up Ezra's thighs, up over his thighs and onto his belly. He left them there for a moment, a little surprised by the way his hands were moving up and down, carried by the deep breaths Ezra was drawing in. A fine sheen of sweat was breaking out on his skin and Chris used that to his advantage, sliding his hands up to Ezra's chest. He pressed his thumbs against Ezra's nipples, and his lover's gasp was like music. A glance showed him that Ezra's hands were clenched into fists, but they were kept down on the mattress by his sides.

Such good behavior. Ezra deserved another reward. Chris certainly wasn't going to deny him one. He dropped one of his hands down into Ezra's lap, encircling his cock with a loose grip.

Ezra groaned, his head falling back against the headboard. "Jesus, Chris. You-"

Chris tightened his grip and the words stopped, cut off by another one of those beautiful gasps. He wanted to hear more of them. He pumped his hand up and down the length of Ezra's cock, slow and strong. At the same time, he continued to stroke his thumb over Ezra's nipple, light then hard then light again. He glanced up at Ezra and saw that the other man was staring down at his hand, watching as the black leather moved over his skin in gradually quickening strokes. His breath was coming harder now and his skin was beginning to shine with sweat. His hair was damp at the roots, encouraging it to curl.

Ezra's gaze flickered up to meet Chris's. "Chris-" He raised his hands from the bed.

Before he could make contact, Chris caught Ezra's wrists with his hands. "You've got something else you need to do," he said.

"Please, Chris. Let me..."

"Lube," Chris said.

Ezra stared at him for a moment, then twisted his hands free and turned so that he could tear open the drawer of the nightstand and pull out the lubricant they kept there. He also pulled out a pair of condoms. He turned and held it out to Chris but kept some distance between them, lesson learned.

"Get yourself ready."

He drew in a deep breath, but then Ezra nodded and slid his legs out from under Chris, rising up to his knees himself. He hesitated, looking at Chris for guidance.

Chris reached out and plucked the condoms from his hands. Meeting Ezra's eyes, he slowly unzipped his pants, opening them just enough to free his erection. Hoping that he'd be able to pull this off, he opened up one of the condom packets and slowly slid the condom on. He hadn't been sure he'd be able to do that with the gloves on, but their quality was as high as their price had promised. He got the condom on without making a fool of himself.

When he looked up, Ezra was staring at him with eyes nearly gone black with desire. The hand that held the tube had begun to tremble.


"Yeah?" His voice had gone low and rough.

"Your turn."

Sucking in a deep breath, Ezra nodded and opened up the tube of lubricant, squeezing out a portion onto his fingers. Keeping his gaze fixed on Chris's, Ezra reached around behind himself. He arched a little bit as he began to work the lube into himself, his breath coming faster.

Chris wasn't breathing too steadily himself. The sight of Ezra preparing himself, working his body open for him was almost too much to resist. Part of him wanted to strip off his gloves and the rest of his clothing and feel that body against his own, to remind himself what it felt like to have Ezra's skin under his hands. He managed to control the impulse, though, holding himself still and steady until finally he pulled his hands back around to the front of his body. "Finished?"

Ezra nodded.

"Now me."

Moving quickly, Ezra reached out and smoothed lube over Chris's erection, moving with teasing touches that were designed to arouse him, to push him into acting.

Good thing for Ezra that was exactly what he intended to do. When a few of Ezra's special moves threatened to push him too close to the edge, he pulled Ezra's hands away from his body. "Turn around, Ezra."

Green eyes swept up and down the length of his body, taking in the fact that he was still dressed. A tremor worked its way through Ezra's frame, and then the other man was twisting, turning so that he was gripping the headboard, his back to Chris.

It took him just a moment to be right behind Ezra. He paused to just appreciate the sight in front of him, the muscled back, the firm ass, everything put together to form perfection. A fitting outer form for Ezra's inner light. After that thought he couldn't resist reaching out and touching, running his hands over the skin that so few people got see.

Ezra arched up into the touches, pushing himself back to feel Chris's hands better. A low sound rumbled in his throat, more eloquent of his need than words could ever be.

That was it. Chris couldn't resist any longer. He skated his hands down to Ezra's hips and slowly sheathed himself in his lover's body, pushing forward slowly, steadily, until they were completely joined. He wanted to drop his head down to Ezra's shoulder as he usually did, but that wasn't a part of his plan. Instead, he reached around and up and began to play with Ezra's nipples again.

Ezra slammed back against him, pushing himself back hard. "Jesus!"

That was what Chris wanted to hear. He let his gloved hands roam over Ezra's chest and sides, sometimes reaching down to squeeze his thighs, but he avoided Ezra's cock, refusing to give in to Ezra's muttered pleas for more, for what he really wanted. Throughout everything, he continued to pump himself into Ezra's ass with controlled thrusts.

After another few moments, Ezra leaned back hard, pressing his weight against Chris. He shuddered and writhed against Chris, reaching around with his hands to feel the leather that covered his lover's body.

Oh, yeah. Chris knew then for certain that he had chosen the correct path. Knowing how much he was turning Ezra on, knowing how much the other man wanted this was all it took; arousal slammed into him and he knew that he wasn't going to last much longer. He wanted Ezra to finish before him, so he did what Ezra had been near to begging him to do: he wrapped his hand around Ezra's cock.

Ezra shouted a curse and thrust up into Chris's fist, moving between it and Chris's cock with growing desperation. His hands clamped down on Chris's hips, fingers tight across the leather.

Chris gave himself over to his own need, thrusting harder and faster until he felt Ezra shudder around him and then his vision was whiting out and he was coming hard.

Between them, they managed to make it down to lying on the bed, Chris spooned up behind Ezra, still holding him close. It took him a moment to dispose of the empty condom and then he was holding Ezra close once more.

It took Ezra a long time to find his voice again. "Chris..."

"Yeah," Chris said, nuzzling into Ezra's hair. His little exercise in revenge was over; there was no need to deny himself any longer.

"What in the name of heaven was that?"

"Didn't you like it?"

In answer, Ezra twisted around and caught Chris's mouth in a long kiss, heated and lingering that went on and on as Ezra's hands began to move over the leather covering his skin once more. When the kisses ended, Ezra held his gaze. "You...Chris, you amaze me. Everyday that I know you, you amaze me."

Chris kissed him hard. "You do the same to me. You know that."

"So what brought this on?"

Chris didn't want to tell him it was revenge. Ezra might take it the wrong way. It was enough for him to know that he managed to get one up on the man who had been masterminding his torment. "You," he said. "You brought this on."

Ezra flushed a little, but he didn't stop touching Chris. "This is all yours?"

"Yes." He looked down at his outfit, which was sweaty and looked damn near ruined. "I gotta get out of this."

"You will be keeping it, yes?"

"In the state it's in?"

"I know a very discreet cleaner."

Of course he did. Chris pulled Ezra close and kissed him, long and deep and slow. "Yes. For you. For us. I'll keep it."


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