Their Secret Pleasure

by Lady Q

"Secret Pleasure" This is it ladies the last in the "Secret Pleasure's " series. Happy Reading Everyone, HUGS Lady Q0

Notes: This story makes some small reference to my gen stories "Reading Glasses," and also my latest gen story "For The Love Of My Sister,"

Please note that you really and trully don't have to read them in order to know what is going on but if you are wondering how or when Josiah got glasses or where did father or his sister come in to view then please read them but I honestly think that this story will give you the same idea but just in case your wondering I thought I would put the URL's to them just in case for you. Thanks again, and Happy Reading, Lady Q

Thanks goes out to Solace, for being a wonderful beta.

Ezra let out a soft sigh as he wandered into the library of their house looking for his lost love.

As he entered the floor-to-ceiling room of lined bookshelves, he found his love sitting on the floor, reading a book.

His Josiah had a love for books, and fortunately, Ezra shared that same passion, just not today.

For today the sky was blue and the sun was shining. They had just closed a very tough case, and their boss D.A. Travis, being in a good mood,had sent them all home early. He had told them in no uncertain words not to come in tomorrow either.

Today he was going to treat his love to a picnic. Something, that Josiah had once told him, he had never done before. Being the son of a missionary, Josiah was never allowed to play with the other children, because his father viewed playing as the ' Work of the Devil.' So Josiah did as his father wished, and that was to take care of his baby sister Hannah, and help his mom around the house. That was until his mom passed away, and then his job changed to protecting his baby sister from their dad. Books became the only way to escape the life that Josiah lead, and in many ways, Ezra understood that need for escape. He himself had to escape in many a good book in order to get away from his own relatives.

'But. Not. Today.' Ezra Standish thought as he walked into the room.

As Josiah looked up at his love, his half silver reading glasses fell a bit down on his nose, and Ezra noticed that his hair was looking a bit more ruffled from his passing his fingers through it. Ezra shook his head at his very cute lover as he gently removed Josiah's book from his fingers, and seeing the confused and teasing light in his light blue eyes, Ezra gently placed a finger on his lips before he could speak.

"Today, Josiah, the sky is blue and the sun is shining, and you, my love, are in for a treat. For today I am going to take you out on a picnic."

"A picnic?" Josiah asked as he started to reach for his book again.

Ezra swiftly moved the book out of reach and took off his love's glasses.

"Yes, Love, a picnic." Ezra smiled as he pulled him to his feet and grabbed the already-made picnic lunch.

Josiah softly chuckled at his love and most happily followed him outside for his very first picnic.

Ezra had been planning this picnic for awhile now, but they never had the time to go until today. So Ezra took his love to a very secluded spot outside of Denver and proceeded to show him the fine art of picnicking.

Ezra looked at his love as he brought out an old blanket from the back of the Jag and laid it down on the grass as he motioned for Josiah to sit down.

"Now to have a picnic, Josiah, you need to have a blanket, which I have provided for us, and then you need a picnic basket." Ezra said as he sat down beside him and opened the picnic basket.

He handed Josiah an old china plate along with some of their silverware. Then he handed his love one of their crystal wine goblets as he pulled out the wine.

He smiled at him as he popped the cork. "Ahh, a good wine and some good food to share with someone you love. Now, Josiah, what more can a man ask for?" Ezra softly asked as he poured the wine into Josiah's glass.

Josiah softly chuckled at his love as he leaned down to gently kiss Ezra's tempting lips.

"Nothing, my love," Josiah softly whispered. "For I have everything in the world."

Ezra began to return the kiss and slowly it turned into a burning passion as Josiah pushed him down on the soft blanket.

Ezra softly moaned in disappointment when he felt Josiah slowly pull away from him. He moaned again in pleasure as he felt Josiah start to unbutton his shirt.

"Why Mr. Sanchez," Ezra softly moaned, "Are you going to have your wicked way with me?" he teasingly asked.

Josiah's eyes lighted up with mischief and love as he started to push Ezra's shirt aside and roughly spoke, "Why Mr. Standish, what ever do you mean?" Josiah softly chuckled in his ear as he began to lick and nibble his way down his love's neck and shoulder.

Ezra let out a soft moan as he let go of his glass of wine and simply enjoyed Josiah's talented mouth.

Josiah slowly began kissing his way down Ezra's naked chest while his hand began to undo his belt and lower the zipper of his pants.

Ezra let out another moan as he started to unbutton Josiah's shirt.

The need to touch each other ran high between them. The need to feel each other's skin and warmth was burning.

Suddenly, Josiah pulled away from his love as he tore his shirt off and threw it aside as he bent to finish kissing him uninterrupted.

Ezra groaned out loud at the feel of his lover's strong chest touching his warm body.

Slowly, Josiah's hands began to move down his lover's writhing body as he started to push Ezra's pants and boxers past his strong legs and off his body.

"Love you," Josiah softly called out as he moved his kisses further down his lover's lithe body.

"I love the way your skin feels against mine as we make love," he roughly whispered as he took his glass of wine and slowly began to pour it on Ezra's body.

Josiah then leaned down and licked the wine off of Ezra's stomach. Ezra let out a passionate moan at the sensual feel of Josiah's tongue roughly licking up the wine.

"I love how you taste so sweet from the wine and so warm from our love." Josiah whispered softly over the tip of Ezra's hard cock, causing him to moan.

"I love how you feel when you are inside of me or I am inside of you," he whispered again as he took the wine and slowly began to prepare his love.

"You feel so warm and tight when I am inside you," Josiah said as he added two more fingers.

"J... Josiah," Ezra moaned in pleasure as he felt the movement of Josiah's fingers opening him.

Josiah pushed his fingers in and out till he found the small protrusion inside of his love. He gently pushed against it, causing Ezra to cry out in ecstasy as his body arched in pleasure.

Josiah let out a groan at the feel of Ezra's tight channel as he moved to kneel between his spread legs.

"Please Josiah," Ezra softly pleaded for his love to hurry.

Josiah slipped his fingers out and poured some more wine on his hands as he prepared his hard cock and moved between Ezra's legs.

Slowly he began to push inside his love.

Ezra hissed in pleasure at the feel of Josiah moving gently inside him. He wrapped his strong legs around Josiah to pull him even closer.

Josiah groaned in pleasure as he sank deeper into his love.

Josiah paused to drop soft kisses on his Ezra's face as he whispered how much he loved him. He slowly began to move inside the warm tight passage.

Pulling out slowly and then thrusting deeply until Ezra cried out in pleasure, their pace began to increase, and soon Josiah was moving harder into Ezra till they could take it no more.

"Love You!" Ezra cried out as he began to explode with his orgasm, clunging tightly to Josiah.

"Always love you," Josiah grunted out as he came inside his love. He wrapped his strong arms tightly around Ezra as he rolled them to their sides.

As their bodies rested, Josiah softly whispered in his love's ear, "Ezra, do all picnics start this way?"

Ezra softly chuckled into Josiah's solid chest as he felt him draw the blanket up around their naked bodies.

"Only with us, Josiah. Only with us."

"Good, because I would hate to know what a good thing I missed out on growing up."

Ezra pinched his lover's naked butt as he said, "You had better have missed out on this when you were growing up or..."

"Or what, Love?" Josiah softly inquired and he bent down to kiss him.

Ezra chuckled as he spoke, "Or I will pinch your butt again."

Josiah laughed at his love as he held him in his arms.

"I love you, Ezra." He whispered as he kissed him again.

"I love you, too, Josiah," Ezra softly replied as he lowered his head and placed another kiss on his chest.

The End

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