Josiah's Secret Pleasure

by Lady Q

Thanks as always goes out to Carrie for being the best beta in the world.

Josiah softly let out a moan as he watched his lover in the shower.

'This is my favorite pastime,' he thought to himself as he slowly began to take off his shirt with the plan being to join his lover.

When they first began living together, Josiah had worried that Ezra might find his aging body disgusting and ugly, and he wouldn't want to be with him anymore.

But his love had proven him wrong. Ezra had discovered Josiah's fears and spent many long, steamy nights, and sometimes days, showing his love just how wrong those fears were.

Josiah let out another low moan as he watched the water gently cascade down his lover's naked chest.

'Yes,' he thought as he began to take off his pants, that were soon followed by his boxers. His love had systematically taken all of his worries and thrown them out the door, and replaced them with love.

Josiah let out yet another lustful groan as he watched his lover's hand slowly glide down his lathered chest.

'I love his body,' Josiah thought as he grabbed a wash cloth and silently stepped into the shower.

He slowly wrapped his strong arms around Ezra's sleek and wet body, and pulled his lover back towards him.

"Have I told you lately how much I love you?" He roughly whispered into Ezra's ear.

Ezra paused in his washing and slowly turned around in Josiah's arms as he put his own arms around Josiah's neck. Ezra thought for a moment and then teasingly said, "Not in the last...oh I don't minutes?"

Josiah softly chuckled at his lover and bent down to kiss him. Ezra moaned softly as Josiah's warm mouth claimed his and he wrapped his arms tighter around him.

Josiah gently pulled away from his wet lover and proceeded to wash his favorite places as he whispered how much he did love him.

The End.

Series continued in: "Their Secret Pleasure" the last in this short PWP series. Happy Reading Everyone, Lady Q

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