When You Fall Apart

by Lady Q

Thanks as always goes out to Solace for being the best and supportive Beta ever.

Feeling something heavy laying on his stomach, and hearing someone snoring close by, woke him out of his deep, healing sleep.

Raising his right hand, he moved it down his body till he felt the face that he knew by heart.

"J..Josiah," came his rasping voice, which startled awake his sleeping lover.

Josiah sleepily opened his eyes when he felt his lover's caressing hand on his face.

"Ezra," He said as he suddenly sat back up and poured a glass of water for his love.

"Don't talk," He quickly said as he lifted up Ezra's head to help him drink the water.

Concern filled his voice as Josiah explained to him what was wrong with him. "Now, your throat's going to be sore for a couple of days because of the choking . You have a few broken ribs and an arm, and your back is bruised from where they hit you, and don't you dare do this again without any back up. Ever." He finished sternly as his hand gently moved over Ezra's black and blue face.

Ezra painfully smiled up at the sight of the concern and love coming from Josiah. He touched Josiah's roughened cheek as he whispered softly, "Love you."

Hearing those whispered words of love slowly began to ease the worry and fear that had gripped Josiah's heart. He tiredly smiled back at his now sleeping love and bent down to kiss his forehead.

"Love you too, Ezra."

The End

Series continued in: "When Home is Where The Heart is." The last and final part of this series

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