When You Can't Sleep

by Lady Q

Summary and Notes: Ezra and Josiah tell how you know your in love, Josiah can't sleep: This short series falls between the "Home For the Holiday's" series but it is not part of it. The "Home for The Holidays," can't be posted to this site because it has various pairings. Thanks as always goes out to Solace, for being the best and supportive Beta ever :0)

"Why can't you sleep?" Josiah Sanchez thought to himself, as he tossed once more in bed.

"Why can't I sleep?" He asked aloud as turned over onto his side.

The answer was simple really. His big, warm, and comfy bed now felt cold and lonely without his lover in it.

He and Ezra had been together for a month now after realizing how much they loved each other. Each of them taking turns spending the night at the other's place.

Chris had sent Ezra undercover--again--leaving Josiah all alone in their nice king size bed, and unable to sleep without his love.

Josiah, let out another tired sigh as he watched the digital numbers on the clock change to 4:31am.

He let out a tired groan as he tossed again in his big and lonely bed. Frustrated, he wondered if his love was having the same problem.

The End

Series continued in: When You Can't Eat

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