Old West - The original universe. After the American Civil War ended, an ex-Confederate soldier and his band of raiders attack a Seminole village, threatening to return unless the villagers hand over whatever hidden gold they possess. The Indian chief travels to a neighboring town, Four Corners, in search of gunmen to help defend his village. Seven men are found -- Chris Larabee, Vin Tanner, Buck Wilmington, JD Dunne, Nathan Jackson, Josiah Sanchez and Ezra Standish. At first joining forces to save the Seminole village from the outlaws, the seven men end up back in Four Corners, hired by Judge Orin Travis to protect and uphold the law.

ATF - Created by Mog. In this alternate universe the Seven are agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Put together by Congressman Wilky Redd, ATF's Team 7 is based in Denver but able to operate within the southwestern United States and Gulf Coast region.




OW - A notorious gunslinger, Larabee is haunted by the murder of his wife Sarah and son Adam, who died in a fire. Sometimes violent and fierce, he is also honorable and just, risking his life time and again to save a friend or those in need of help. The incontestable leader of the Seven, he hides a noble heart behind an icy glare and rash persona.

ATF - Ex-Navy Lieutenant, he served for six years with the Denver Police Department in Homicide. He was partnered with long-time friend Buck Wilmington when his family was killed in a car bomb meant for him. He resigned from the PD, joining the ATF project six months later.





OW - A Southern gambler and conman much like his mother, Maude Standish, he's well-mannered and educated, but always searching for the next successful scheme. While growing up he was often left in the care of relatives, and his relationship with his mother is anything but peaceful or normal. While he does avoid confrontation if possible, he will do whatever necessary to help his friends or those who come to him for assistance.

ATF - Standish worked with the Vice Squad of the Atlanta PD before joining the FBI. Labeled as a wild card, and fiercely independent, he soon found his career in jeopardy as rumors of corruption rose. He's on 'permanent loan' to the ATF and is the team's undercover agent. He was raised by an unknown number of nannies and private schools, while his jet-set mother flew from one husband to the next.






OW - Orphanaged at the age of five when his mother died, he lived with both Kiowa and Comanche tribes. He's a skilled tracker and sharpshooter, having been a buffalo hunter and a bounty hunter until an outlaw by the name of Eli Joe framed him for a murder he didn't commit.

ATF - An Ex-Army Ranger, Tanner worked briefly as a bounty hunter and a U.S. Marshal. He's the team's weapon expert and sniper. Orphanaged at the age of five, he was in and out of foster families until he decided to run away in his early teens. Texas born, he ended up in Denver, living on the streets of Purgatorio where he still resides today.





OW - Wilmington is Larabee's oldest friend, and also a gunslinger. He's the son of a prostitute, and was raised in the brothel where she worked. He's a ladies man, easy-going and fun-loving, but capable of defending himself and others if need be. Fiercely loyal to his friends, he takes JD under his wing, becoming somewhat of a surrogate brother to their youngest.

ATF - Son of an exotic dancer, he has no known relatives. Met Larabee in high school and became friends. Both men were later reacquainted when Wilmington joined the Denver PD and they became partners. After Larabee left he remained with the PD until his old friend recruited him for the ATF team. He shares a condo with JD.






OW - Born into slavery, Jackson is the healer of the group. He was a stretcher-bearer in the Union army, where he picked up his medical knowledge. His mother killed herself after discovering she was pregnant by the white man who had raped her. In spite of his past, he's has a kind heart and a gentle manner. He's an expert at handling knives.

ATF - He's a trained EMT and a Ex-Army medic. Jackson grew up in southern U.S. and moved to Kansas to attend collage. Worked with the Bomb Squad before being recruited by Larabee. His father, a civil rights activist, died of tuberculosis two years after he joined Team 7. He was the one to suggest Josiah Sanchez for the team.





OW - Sanchez is the son of catholic missionaries and a defrocked priest. He's well-traveled and educated, spending most of his free time restoring Four Corners' church. His sister, Hannah, is mentally ill, and Sanchez himself is prone to violent rages, especially when drunk.

ATF - Sanchez served five years in the army with two tours in Vietnam. He was working as a profiler with the Kansas PD, Special Crimes unit, when recruited by Larabee. His father was a missionary and died soon after Sanchez returned from Vietnam. He has a younger sister, Hannah.






OW - He's the youngest of the Seven. Dunne came to the West after his mother's death seeking adventure. He taught himself how to ride while working as a stableboy. He's the sheriff of Four Corners.

ATF - Born in Boston, Dunne has a degree in Computer Science. He was a beat cop with the Boston PD when asked to join Larabee's team. He lives with Buck at the CDC, or The Center for Disease Control, which is how the other members of the team refer to the less than sanitary condo.